Ultimate Guide to Online Gambling Etiquette

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If you’ve never sat down at a game before, you may not know how to conduct yourself. You’re already a well-mannered person, but entering into an unknown room with faces of people you don’t recognize can make anyone go into their shell. Learning the basics of etiquette and gaming protocol should be learned before your first game.

One thing you should do no matter which casino, or online casino you attend you go to is ask if the casino offered gaming instructions. All online casinos will have instructions for games, or they’re available to you online.  If for some reason they don’t, or they aren’t available to you, casinos will give you a tour of any major game that’s played there. You can also sit in a lobby and watch games online before you play.

There are even casinos that will give you chips to play with so you can better understand the game before you spend your own money. Or, if you want to learn how to play any casino game, you can always try an online app that lets you play slots for free like Casumo casino

When all else fails, try watching a game while one is going on. Trust me, the players won’t mind as long as you don’t give away their hand. Notice what each player is doing, and see how the dealer deals out the cards when you sit down and watch.

Here are some other things you should know about online gambling etiquette.

Online Gambling Etiquette 

  • Understand all rules before you start any game.
  • Remember that you’re playing with real players. It’s easy to forget that the icons playing card with you have a seperate life from you. So, be polite.
  • Know all of the gambling rules in your country before you start to gamble. Some places have stricker gambling licences, or some places won’t let you play certain games. American, European, and Canada gambling websites are almost always licenced, and will almost always list their rules in clear print. If they aren’t don’t gamble there.
  • Know what each chip means. Online gambling websites will always pool your money, but it’s good to know the values. Red chips are $5, green are $25, and black is $100. 
  • When you’re in a table game (poker, blackjack, etc) make your bets quickly. Since you’re new at the game, it may take you a while to get the hang of it. That’s okay, but make sure you don’t let the others wait too long.
  • If you’re playing blackjack, don’t get angry at other players for overbetting. It’s a common belief that overbetting causes the table to lose more in blackjack, but that isn’t the case. See this page for more details. 
  • We cannot stress this enough: know the rules before you play. That’s right, it’s so important we put this twice on the list. No one wants to wait for a player because they’re making constant mistakes, or because they don’t know what’s going on.
  • Don’t expect sympathy in the comment section about a bad hand. Remember, no one cares about your hand but you. Don’t hold the game up.


This deserves its own section because tipping etiquette is very important for live dealers, especially if those deals are live in the US. Two ways to tip online is either in cash, or by donating a percentage of the money you earned from gambling. 

So, how much should you tip? That depends on what kind of game you play, and how much money you spend at the table. If you’re at a high roller table and you win a lot, you should tip them more. Dealers understand that they aren’t going to get a large tip from someone losing, and they know they aren’t going to get a large tip from a table with low stakes. 

It’s up to your discretion, but if you win you should tip. End of story. If you’re in a place where tipping isn’t customary or it’s frowned upon, then don’t worry about tipping. Absolutely do this if you’re dealing from an online American casino, though. Most dealers make less than minimum wage because their boss know they’ll be paid in tips.

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