Vaping-Related Illness Is on the Rise, but Who Is to Blame?

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It was recently announced that vaping-related lung injury cases have risen to 1,080. In addition, 18 deaths have been confirmed to be linked with vaping. This begs the question; is vaping really as safe as people claim, or is there something else to blame for the sudden increase in vaping-related illness?

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to answer such a question.

The specific causes of the illnesses are unclear, but they do seem to be linked with vaping. However, toxic fumes and not oils seem to be the main culprit for vaping-related illnesses. In addition, the rise of vaping devices and cartridges means that there are more aftermarket manufacturers, many of whom add uncontrolled substances to the oils in an attempt to market them to niche audiences.

In fact, there are some cartridges being sold which include compounds like THC, and mixing flavor oils has become common among enthusiasts. Mixing these oils could create dangerous byproducts that, when used in a vaping device such as a JUUL, could lead to health consequences. In addition, the advertising used by many vape device manufacturers is said to have an impact on younger teenagers and even children who use them irresponsibly. Below, we’ve included an infographic that shows some of the effects that vaping has had on society.

At the end of the day, it’s difficult to pinpoint who is to blame for the rise of vaping-related illnesses, but looking at it from a practical standpoint and comparing it to the millions of vapers in the country, it’s likely due to improper use that goes against safety guidelines.

Infographic by  JUUL Lawsuit Attorneys

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