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Why You Might Be Feeling Run-Down All The Time

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The feeling of being run-down is not a nice one. You probably don’t feel like yourself, and it can be frustrating and debilitating when you’re feeling exhausted all the time. There may be many reasons as to why you’re feeling run-down, and some may not be as obvious as you think. Here’s why you might be feeling run-down all the time.

You’re Stressed

Stress is one of the main contributors to general exhaustion because the mental strain that it has on your body is one that can end up making you feel tired and emotional. Stress is also something that derives from many parts of your life, and that could be a specific thing in your personal life or maybe someone specifically. A lot of the time, it’s to do with work and a certain situation or state of working that’s stressing you out. The only way of solving this is by tackling the issue head-on. Face the issue itself and see if you can’t try and remove it from your life. You will definitely feel the difference once this happens.

A Lack Of Sleep

We all need sleep to function, and if you’re not getting enough sleep, then there’s your problem. It could be due to stress at work, it could be your sleep routine in general. If you’re spending your evenings on the computer or staring at your phone, the chances are that you’re also doing it right before you go to bed. This blue light from your devices is sending signals to your brain that keep you wired. Therefore, falling asleep is sometimes going to seem impossible. Distractions in your room may also be why you’re not getting much sleep. Just like a heroin nod, if you find yourself drifting off on the train home or zoning out at work, that could be due to a lack of sleep.

An Underlying Health Issue

Health issues are all something we experience in our life, and if we’re not going to the doctors or attending medical appointments, you may be risking some underlying issues that you can’t visibly see. Being exhausted or run-down could be due to a number of health reasons, such as an underactive thyroid or diabetes. These are health problems that you can’t diagnose yourself, which is why it’s important that you make regular check-ins with your doctor and other health professionals when needed. Prioritize your health above anything else in life, even work.

Mental Health Problems

Mental health is something we all have and which we suffer from at points in our life. It could be from a traumatic experience or an issue that comes on suddenly. Anxiety and depression are two major mental health issues that can cause you to feel run-down. Just like stress, it’s mentally draining, and it’s surprising just how quickly it can affect your physical health.

Being run-down isn’t fun, and so anything you can do yourself, you should change. However, don’t forget to attend your medical appointments and speak to professionals about your mental health.


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