Will Better Teeth Really Make My Social Status Better?

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We’ve seen how people have leveled to the higher tier of society just by having good looks. From major things like good posture and flawless skin to minor things like a complete set of teeth, belonging to the most sought-after class of society has been a game of looks mainly.


You’ll be surprised to know that even a simple tooth gap or misaligned teeth can blockade your steps to the peak of society. But how and why, you might ask? 

That’s what we’re about to find out. Join us as we delve into the factors that make our dental health play the main act of achieving a good standing in society. 

How and Why Your Dental Health Dictates your Social Status

Before, our educational attainment and upbringing determine our standing in society. If you’ve got a degree, and if you grew up on a family who takes proper manners and etiquette seriously, you’ll receive a warm welcome from people of all social statuses.

But times have changed. Today, even the simplest things can bring you to the elite status or vice versa, especially when it comes to your physical appearance. And one of these things is the state of your teeth.

A killer smile is sometimes all it takes to gain the respect of people in the higher class. Because in this generation we’re appearances matter the most, you need to be on your best looks if you want to rub elbows with success. 

But why did people started giving our teeth the stand in the judgment court? Here are some reasons why:

  • Everyone wants the Hollywood smile

Dental treatments has become a trend among celebrities and known personalities through time. From teeth whitening to dental implants, they’ve paid thousands of dollars just to ensure 

Since people have the tendency to copy what they see on media – TV, movies, social media, they’ve developed this idea that having good teeth can make you successful in the industry and generally in life. If you can undergo the same procedures and have your teeth looking healthy, you feel like you’ve scaled on the same status as them. 

Not to mention that plenty of ads and other messages sprawled across different media channels tackle the sensitivity of the public with their body image, including dental appearance. According to a study by Abeer Khalid and Carlos Quiñonez, these messages have helped formed the notion that a healthy-looking, complete set of teeth is one of the best ways to achieve social acceptance and happiness.

Supporting this statement is an excerpt from an interview with Malcolm Gladwell, social scientist and author of David and Goliath, on The Times. He explained that having bad or incomplete teeth and overall dental health is the new face of discrimination today. If you have bad or missing teeth, your chance of success also decreases. Some people are even rejected for entry-level jobs just because they have misaligned or discolored teeth.

Fictitious villains with crooked or missing teeth have also contributed to society’s prejudice for people with imperfect smiles. People in stories have treated these antagonists as social outcasts, so if you share the same dental characteristics with them, don’t be surprised if people treat you the same in real life.

  • Working to have a complete set of teeth is some people’s way of attaining happiness

Khalid and Quiñonez also noted that our obsession with a good dental appearance is a product of our romanticized pursuit of happiness. Most of us sought dental treatments because we believe it would improve our self-image. The more pleasing your image is, the more friends and acquaintances you can have. And for some people, that’s what happiness is all about. 

  • Dental health is a necessity but has transformed into a luxury today

According to the FDI World Dental Federation, almost half of the world’s population today are suffering from tooth decay, which is one of the main suspects for tooth loss. 

Unfortunately, treating oral conditions can require hefty money. In the US, Americans spend around $110 billion a year for oral healthcare. And in Europe, oral healthcare spending has reached €79 billion, which, according to the FDI, is more expensive than curing cancer or other respiratory conditions. 

Because not everyone can afford dental treatments, let alone dental healthcare, taking care of your oral health has transformed from a necessity into a luxury, one which seems unattainable and unimportant for the poorer side of the population. So if you’re seen with a good set of teeth, whether natural or artificial, it means you belong to the privileged and capable part of society.

Teeth Implants to the Rescue

If you’re considering dental implants, then you’re probably one of the crowd who wishes to restore their missing teeth as natural-looking as possible. It’s not hard to see why dental implants have gained so much popularity over the years.

Most people with dental implants said they felt more comfortable and secure than dentures, which is another popular replacement option too. There’s also less maintenance needed since they’re already placed permanently in your gums.

However, in exchange for these attractive benefits, you’ll have a huge price to pay. That’s why not everyone is advised to consider having dental implants. 

And even if you’re financially capable, there are also a number of health factors to consider. There’s the dedication to see the whole procedure through the end too. Depending on your situation, it can take up to one year for the treatment to be complete, which not everyone can commit to.

Final Thoughts

Society has evolved through time, and with it, the things and situations that it considers acceptable in its eyes. We’ve grown from basing our status on our educational attainment and way of life, to the state of our physical appearances. Even the simplest form of physical beauty can be a major deal for our social image today.

It may sound obnoxious, but on the bright side, this mindset has also pushed us to take good care of our dental health. Even if it means for the sake of appearances only, at least people are now becoming aware of the benefits of a good dental health –  social acceptance and extra health protection.

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