10 ways to find a low-cost wedding photographer

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One of the biggest expenses of a wedding is photography. This is an essential component of every wedding but can also make you dig deep in your pockets. It is often a challenge to find a Melbourne affordable wedding photographer that suits your budget and also provide high-quality services. Here are some tips to find the low-cost wedding photographer to capture moments of your special day.


  • Look into your personal network


Instead of relying on any random guy, it is better to get a reference from your personal acquaintance. Your friends and family members would know your preferences and can suggest a photographer who makes an ideal fit. This can also help you get a family discount on their services.


  • Compare prices and services


It is advisable to get quotations from multiple photographers and weight the pros and cons of each one of them. You should make a comparative study of their prices and services to find the most economical deal. You can also visit the wedding fair near your venue. You can find many wedding service providers at one place in these fairs.


  • Opt for low-price packages only


Most wedding photographers offer a wide range of packages. They often try to entice you to buy a high priced package by making emotional comments about your big day. You should always think pragmatically and stick to packages which suit your finances only.


  • Find a professional independents


Generally, well-established professional photographers have a team and charge more for their services. Such photographers are also rigid about their service rates. You can look for independent professional photographers. These photographers possess the skills but are generally not recognized. They provide services on less pricing and also allow negotiations.


  • Ask for discounts


Most weddings are organized during wedding seasons and more often on weekends. You can organize your wedding off-season or on any day from Monday to Thursday. This is off days for wedding ceremonies and you will be able to ask for off-peak discounts. 


  • Ask for customized packages


When you talk to a professional photographer, they give you preset packages. These packages have services you get and their cost preset. Mostly in a rush and mess to manage so many things, you tend to agree to such packages. However, to curb your expenses, you should always opt for custom packages where you get to decide what you want and can avoid spending on unnecessary things.


  • Both same provider for photography and videography


You can find studios which offer only one kind of service, either only photography or only videography. Paying to two different studios would cost you more. You reduce the spending on these activities by hiring the same provider for both the jobs. You can look for a package that includes both and save remarkably.


  • Go for local photographers only


If you are calling photographers from a faraway place, you will have to pay for their travel and stay (if needed). This is an unnecessary addition to your expense. In the same amount, you can get a local professional with better/additional services.


  • Look for half-day or hour basis services


Many photographers offer services on a half-day or hourly basis. You can reduce the time of their services you avail to reduce the cost. Hiring a photographer for two-three hours costs much lesser than a full-day photographer.


  • Ask for digital media only


Photographers offer you pictures on digital media and also as albums. You can choose for simple albums instead of fancy once or can complete skipping hard copy.


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