3 Adventures to Do in London in 2 Days

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When you look at London next to other capital cities it might seem tiny but there is a lot to do and see in the historic city. In fact, it can be very hard to do a lot in only 2 days but if you are spending a weekend in London here are my tips for some great memorable adventures.

Jack the Ripper Tours 

Unraveling the mystery of Jack the Ripper is likely never going to happen but that doesn’t stop us from being enraptured by this historic mystery. Jack the Ripper tours are a must when visiting London and you will find plenty of them on offer.

Tours in London aren’t exactly uncommon, but these Jack the Ripper tours offer something very different from the average sightseeing tour. They usually take place quite late at night or early evening at the earliest and many aren’t shy about playing up the theatrics.

After all, who Jack the Ripper was is still fiercely debated – was it cotton merchant James Maybrick, Prince Albert or possibly even a woman? All three opinions have their supporters and while a Jack the Ripper tour won’t give you a clear answer it is a great way to learn some of London’s dark history and be entertained at the same time. 

If you are traveling to London for just a couple of days, then you should make sure you book a place on a Jack the Ripper tour. If you have been following the mystery for a long time or are completely new to the Jack the Ripper mystery a tour will be sure to be a great adventure.

Visit the Tower of London 

Another great adventure awaits at the Tower of London while it might not be as mysterious or as bloody as Jack the Ripper, this imposing historic structure is still very enigmatic. While it might be known as the Tower of London over the years it’s been many things including a royal palace and prison.

Many claim it to be one of London’s most haunted locations so if you want to continue exploring the darker parts of London’s history the tower is a must-see. But of course, if you want a break from ghosts and ghouls there is plenty of other amazing things to see and do around the Tower of London.

There are the surrounding castles and palaces and you can always go and see the many ravens and of course the Crown Jewels. You’ll find plenty of tours in London and some of the best are around the Tower of London. So, if you want to adventure and find out more about the history of London going to see the tower is a must.

A Speedboat Tour of The City 

Tours in London aren’t all just ghouls and ghosts you can enjoy seeing the many wondrous sights in a number of ways but if you really want something more adventurous then I recommend a speedboat tour! London is well-known for its proximity to the River Thames so why not enjoy speeding across it?

Sure, you can travel on foot, by bus or even by helicopter to tour London but nothing is quite as exciting as speeding around London by speedboat! You can see all the famous sights and enjoy a literal thrill ride at the same time. So, if you want to see London in a completely new way a speedboat tour is a must.

So, that is my tips for adventurous things to do in London when you only have a couple of days to see the city. From Jack the Ripper to speeding around the Thames there are plenty of amazing adventurous things to do.

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