4 Fashion Trends that Never Seem to Go out of Style

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Fashion is fickle, there’s just no other way to put it. When you invest in a wardrobe, the last thing you want is for the winds of style to change and leave you deserted on an island of bad taste. Well, don’t worry, despite what the tabloids will rave, there really are some fashion staples that just never go out of style because they look so darn good. In this post, we’ll talk about some staples you can add that will never go out of vogue. Be sure to read through before the next time you jazz up your closet!


Since its debut in the late 19th century, denim has been the craze that just won’t die down. Sure, it’s had its bizarre moments and short lags, but over the past hundred-and fifty-years denim has proven that it’s here to stay. A good bet is to go with a pair that complements your legs’ natural shape, rather than being too baggy or too tight. While jeans often come in all sorts of rainbow colors and extreme washes, as well as distressed varieties, it’s best to keep things simple for long-lasting style. The best options include:

  • Dark indigo wash
  • Light wash
  • Black
  • Standard blue jeans

Be sure you opt for a style with minimal or no intentional distressing. They’ll get there on their own, and over-distressed jeans really come in and out of fashion.


Sneakers are an easy go-to for footwear. Some styles, like the classic canvas lace-up, have truly never gone out of style since their invention in the early 20th century. While some footwear can be hard to pull off as fashions change – like knee high boots, clogs, and some types of sandal – sneakers are an easy standby. You’ll never look bad in a pair of hip sneaks, it’s just a fact. Here are our best sneaker tips when you’re hunting for the right pair:

  • Muted tones are easier to match with more outfits 
  • Crisp white sneakers are a great option for a more dressed-up look, and pair well with just about any outfit
  • Canvas is your best bet for a sturdy material that will look great distressed as well as fresh out of the box

Canvas sneakers can be worn with or without socks; it’s totally up to you – and the weather of course!

T shirts

This one is tricky, as there are lots of different kinds of T shirt out there. The ones that have stuck around the best are the classic, simple and comfy kind. While fitted Ts and extra-long Ts may sometimes be in style, looking back on your pictures from 5 years ago you’ll definitely regret wearing some of the goofier shapes that were around. Some tips for picking out the best T shirt are:

  • The bottom of the shirt should fall at about the midway point of your zipper. Shirts that go past the crotch of your pants are too long, and those that show your belt when untucked are too short.
  • The shoulder seams should rest comfortably on your upper arm, a bit below your shoulder bone. 
  • Graphic tees are always cool, but try to pick ones with art, or that show off a place you’ve been or concert you’ve seen, rather than a brand name or a silly slogan.

T shirts are a great go-to for a leisurely day out in the sun, but if you need to look a little more put-together, you’ll want to read on.

Button downs

There’s nothing like a trusty button-down shirt kick your outfit up a notch. Coupled with a solid pair of jeans and your trusty sneakers, you have an outfit that is always in vogue. The best part is that this is a totally gender-neutral outfit. There are great masculine and feminine options if you want to take your style in a certain direction, but a button-down shirt is an easy option for anyone regardless of gender! Some quick tips for finding the right button down are:

  • Similar to T shirts, it should fall somewhere along the bottom of your zipper
  • Go for simpler patterns for a timeless look – flames up the front might be good for some eccentric types, but for most, a nice plaid is always a winner.
  • Short sleeve options can be a good option for summer, but be careful, as these can sometimes have a dad-at-the-BBQ vibe.

Those are our suggestions for your wardrobe! Let us know in the replies if you have any staples that never seem to go out of style. 


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