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5 Unique Engagement Rings That Are Guaranteed to Stand Out

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Looking for the perfect ring to propose to your unconventional partner with? Here are 5 unique engagement rings to consider.

Just because diamond engagement rings have been around since 1477 doesn’t mean there has to be anything ordinary about yours.

Nothing’s ordinary about finding a life partner, after all.

To honor your special love and display it to the world, step outside of the cliches and consider what these types of unique engagement rings have to offer.

  1. Unique Baskets

The part of the ring that holds the stone is known as the basket.

Often, these are pronged, holding the stone up by the corners or sides. 

Rather than having the basket merely support the center stone, consider an intricate design to make the entire ring pop.

  1. Distinct Bands

The band (or shank) doesn’t have to be plain, like traditional designs used to be.

You can stray off the beaten path by getting a double or stacked band, a “split-shank” (a band that separates as it comes to the center setting, leaving gaps that show the skin), or even a Euro shank (a band that squares at the bottom to prevent it from spinning around the finger).

A popular trend and upgrade to tradition is incorporating gems in the band. They can be diamonds or alternative stones, which we’ll get more into later.

If you want to keep the band more simple to highlight the gems, you can still get creative by choosing an alternative color, like rose gold.

  1. Special Symbols

An engagement ring is already a symbol of love and the intent to marry, so why not amplify the symbolism by using motifs.

To create a genuine piece of jewelry, think about motifs you and your loved one share. If you’ve connected together in nature, you can add leaf or vine designs to the band.

Or, you can keep it more general, using heart designs or symbols that tie into your belief system.

  1. Incomparable Gems

Why settle with one gem when you can use multiple?

A beautiful trend in engagement rings is the use of three stones, all the same size. You could also still have a traditional center diamond, surrounded by a halo of ombre gems. 

Or, you can scratch the diamond all-together and use gems like tourmaline, sapphire, or amethyst. 

No matter what you choose, you can create a unique ring by altering the size, direction, or placement of your gem (or gems).

  1. Unrivaled Permanence

If you’re really bold and unconventional, perhaps an engagement tattoo is right for you. 

A lot of the examples online are tacky, but you can draw some inspiration from image searches if you’re creative.

Considerations of Unique Engagement Rings

Aside from the design, consider getting creative with where you get the materials and who creates the ring.

Diamonds can be costly to the environment and your wallet. An alternative is to seek out the best lab diamonds available

Additionally, think about having your ring custom-made from local or handmade artists. This will ensure that nobody else has your piece. Plus, you’ll contribute to small business owners.

Celebrate Your Love, Your Way

There’s plenty of engagement rings for sale out there — but finding the right one for you is a worthy adventure.

Tailor your search for unique engagement rings by considering some of the things we mentioned — altering the basket, band, gems, and beyond.

Don’t get stressed out. The perfect ring awaits you.

For more inspiration on how you adorn your body, keep reading our blog. 


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