6 Clever Winter Accessories You Need in 2019

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The best way to get through the long winter months is to get outside and live life to the fullest. To accomplish this feat, you need to be able to stay dry and warm and to do that, you will need the right equipment. 

With the right accessories, you can stay warm and active all winter long. Here are six clever winter accessories to add to your wardrobe for 2019.

Heated Gloves

If your hands are cold, you’re cold. Stay warm this winter with a pair of rechargeable heated gloves. These insulated gloves are built with electric heating capabilities that will keep your hands warm when you venture outside to ski, shovel snow or hit the hiking trails.

UpGloves reviewed numerous pairs of heated gloves based on their durability, breathability, and ability to hold a charge. Some of the best brands for 2019 include the Ivation Heated Warm Gloves and the Seirus Innovation 1098 Men’s Heat Touch Gloves.

ColdAvenger SoftShell Mask

The ColdAvenger SoftShell Mask is like a balaclava, only better. This durable mask looks like it could withstand a trip to the Arctic. The ventilator is what sets this mask apart from the traditional balaclava, making it great for runners and skiers who face the winter head-on.

The ColdAvenger SoftShell Mask has a soft-wired structure that prevents slipping, so you can mold it to your face. The ventilator not only makes breathing easier than the fabric alternative but also warms the air as it comes in. Even if you aren’t into winter sports, this is a great accessory to have on hand for those cold commutes to work.

YakTrak Run Footwear Traction

The YakTrak Run is another accessory built for runners and hikers who stay consistent throughout the colder months of the year. However, these amazing add-ons are great for anyone who has to hit the sidewalks and navigate over slippery terrain.

The YakTraks have steel spikes that bite into snow and ice at the front, and steel coils under the heel. The coils add bounce to your step and reduce the shock of moving over hard surfaces. It’s this feature that sets the YakTrak Run apart from other footwear traction devices, which often use hard chains.

Bluetooth Earmuffs

Bluetooth earmuffs keep your ears warm and entertained. This winter accessory is ideal for music lovers who don’t want to sacrifice entertainment for comfort. 

There are plenty of Bluetooth earmuff styles to choose from. The Ivation Wireless Bluetooth Headband Earmuffs are comfortable and lightweight, making them a fan favorite. For those who like something a little more subtle, the 180s Bluetooth Ear Warmer is an excellent around-the-head option. For more coverage, look for Bluetooth headbands and beanies.

Alpaca Legwarmers

When it comes to investing in winter accessories, you can’t go wrong with alpaca wool. Like sheep’s wool, alpaca is strong and insulating. However, it’s also moisture-wicking, making it ideal for long days outside.

Alpaca legwarmers are great for wearing in boots or for keeping yourself warm while reading by the fire. You can get even get legwarmers with straps so that you don’t have to adjust them as you move throughout the day. Invest in a few pairs of these fantastic accessories, and you’ll be warm and dry all winter long. 

Polar Seal Smart Shirt

The only thing better than heated gloves is a smart shirt with heating capabilities. The Polar Seal Smart Shirt is built for those who want to stay active throughout the winter. Its adjustable nature finds that elusive balance between being cold and being overheated while running, skiing, and exploring the great outdoors.

The buttons to adjust the heat are conveniently placed on the wrist so that you can set the temperature while moving. While the shirt is expensive, it’s versatile: the thin fabric is great for the spring and fall when the extra heat is no longer required.

With these six accessories, you’ll stay cozy all winter long. Don’t be afraid to brave the elements and make this winter your best yet.



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