A Sweater for Any Occasion

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Sweaters are a choice you can always rely on to quickly lend some welcome texture and color to any outfit. The range of styles you can choose from makes them a hugely versatile item. In this article, we’ll run through some key sweater styles that are befitting any social situations in which you may need to dress up—or dress down. 

Something to be aware of in keeping safe your precious knitwear is the fact that their power to attract moths lies in the oils they absorb from your skin. Be sure to keep your collection of sweaters somewhere safe. 


A modern classic that can work well in a range of casual settings, whether you’re headed to the gym or a low key meet-up. The history of this item is not widely known but dates back to the 1930s. During this time, clothing manufacturers aimed to design a garment specifically to cater to manual laborers who were struggling in cold warehouses. The style we see today was first manufactured by Champion in the 1930s, but the term “hoodie” did not become commonly used until the 1990s. 

Hoodies can’t be beat for comfort and ease, and having at least a few is a basic requirement of any wardrobe for both men and women. Your local sportswear store will always stock a good selection and a range of cheap, and fashionable options can also be found on Amazon. If you only have one hoodie, you’re missing out! Even though hoodies are a basic wardrobe item, the styles change every year. Make sure to be up-to-date with your hoodie style by reading reviews of cool hoodies.

Cable Knit

For a less modern look that is perennially popular among outdoors-types, uncles, and hipsters, the cable knit is an unshowy and comfortable choice. 

This sweater adds a bit of weight and texture that you won’t get with a sportswear style hoodie. It is an easy choice to add a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe without breaking the bank or changing your look too radically. 


Cashmere is a material always sought-after for its famously soft texture, which feels akin to silk when you touch it. Compared to something like a cable knit or other wool sweaters, cashmere lets you avoid the itchy textures. 

Despite its light and soft appearance, it also has an incredibly insulating warmth. These features are why cashmere is so coveted and expensive. Its premium price point makes it a good choice for gift giving and is also a mark of durability. 

Recycled Cotton Sweater

One innovation in sweaters that has come about in recent years is the recycled cotton sweater. This has come about in response to people increasingly fed up with fast fashion’s environmental impact. The new availability of items made from recycled fabrics makes the recycled cotton sweater the perfect environmentally friendly, warm weather gear. 

Wearing sweaters constructed purely from recycled materials is an easy way to keep up your clothes shopping habits while reducing their impact. In 1960 only 2.8% of clothing textiles in the US were recovered or recycled, and this has now reached 8%. It’s a sign that recycled materials in fashion are slowly catching on. 


Turtlenecks are a classic example of the 70s style that has recently made a big comeback. It’s also an item with great versatility. It can be paired with a blazer for a dressed-down look that is also smart. For those who prefer to dress in a workwear kind of style, the turtleneck pairs well with a flannel shirt. 

You may be surprised to know this sweater’s origins lie in the medieval ages. Their design protected knights’ necks from chafing with the chain-mail they wore. A turtleneck won’t serve quite the same purpose today but will always keep you warm. As an added feature, a turtleneck can hide love bites, tattoos, or anything else on your neck you don’t need your grandparents to see.


Sasha Duncan is a bookworm, fashion enthusiast and a consultant for Palmaira, a supplier of the best Menorca sandals Australia has to offer. She loves reading crime novels and being with her dogs, Maya and Buster.

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