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Advice on buying jewelry insurance

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Most homeowners or renters insurance offers very limited protection for jewelry. Ideally, these valuable items should be protected by jewelry insurance. By conducting small searches before purchasing jewelry insurance, you can save on premiums and select the desired level of protection for your items.

Determining the current market value of your jewelry is the only way to ensure that your insurance is sufficient to cover them against loss, theft or damage. Let us help you discover the true value of your jewelry. 

Whether for replacement insurance, authentication, a two-party sale, replacement value as a second-hand jewel, or just to know how much your jewelry is currently worth, our appraisal reports are tailored to your needs and needs. budget.

When you have your jewelry, watches or silverware evaluated, you will then know their current replacement value. You will also be assured that in the event of loss, damage or theft, your insurance claim will be processed quickly and simply. 

When we evaluate your jewelry and diamonds, we will look at their condition, we will evaluate their replacement cost, certificates, and invoices that you have. We will also provide you with a certified document and a detailed description of any jewel assessed.

Get insurance

To be certain that your valuable jewels are sufficiently protected, you will need to obtain a so-called “floating” front. This type of insurance extends the protection of individual jewelry. Generally, these policies do not require deductibles but are sure to read the fine print of the contract.


A floating jewelry policy offers complete protection in a variety of situations, including loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearances. If your jewelry is damaged, the insurance policy will cover the cost of the repair. Some insurers insist that you instead use the refund amount to replace jewelry.

Tips to insure your jewelry

When shopping for jewelry insurance, there are some important aspects to consider in terms of value and cost. Here are three tips to help you ensure your jewelry successfully:

Have the value of your jewelry appraised

Your insurance premium will be based on the estimated value of your jewelry. For the evaluation, you should provide photos to the insurance company and keep them in your personal files.

Keep your bills 

If you have to make an insurance claim on a lost or damaged jewel, having the original invoice on hand will speed up the insurance and refund claim process. Always send a copy of the receipt to your insurance company and keep the original in your own records.

Store your jewelry 

Some insurance companies offer what they call “in-the-door” insurance, which is ideal if you store your jewelry in a bank’s safe rather than at home. If you rarely wear the item and you do not need to keep it at home, insurance policies “in the vault” offer you lower premiums and more security. You can also get extra protection when you take a jewel out of the bank’s safe deposit box.

Nelson Coleman Appraisal offers further help for jewelry appraisal insurance.

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