Anxiety Alley: Don’t Make Work Your Life

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We’re not well passed the turn of the millennia. All the things that were being said about the work-life balance have come true. Now that we live in a fully electronic age, where there is more information than your brain might be able to handle, work and life are coming like oil and water. It’s little wonder then that mental health is right at the top of everybody’s list of concerns in the workplace. More and more people are taking sick days due to their mental health. Physical illnesses are still a big issue for employers but if their workforce is unable to cope with the stress and anxiety of their roles, what good is their business? That’s why anxiety can feel like an alleyway. It’s dark and dangerous and you just want to get to the safety of the other side as quickly as possible.

A day of rejuvenation

What do you do when you have a day off work? Most likely, you sit at home watching television, perhaps take the dog for a walk and try to take life slowly. But that’s not nearly as good as a planned rejuvenation day. A full complete day of removing yourself from work, not paying any mind to anything that even remotely reminds you of work is the best way to spend the 24 hours free you have. This means, turn off your phone or at least turn off notifications. Don’t watch the news and plan a day of activities that will provide you with more clarity. Take a long walk in the park. Go and see a theater production. Eat at a great restaurant. Go to a theme park. Make it a day that boosts your morale and energy.

Enjoy an early morning

Don’t sleep in on your day off. If you have booked some time away from work, then you should enjoy an early morning. It slows time down when you wake up early and realize you have hours and hours to yourself. One way to relax your mind and lower your anxiety levels is to put high quality cbd oil in your tea  or coffee. It’s been known to be an antidepressant, lower anxiety, treat chronic pain and lessen inflammation of joints. The great thing is, it’s non-psychoactive so it doesn’t have any impact on your mood and behavior. Put a drop or two into your morning brew and for the rest of the day, life will feel a little slower and more laid back.

The lunch hour

However many minutes you’re given during lunchtime, use them wisely. Instead of going to a cafe or coffee shop to get your meal, make it at home and bring it to work. Don’t stay standing in a line of people for half of your lunchtime. Bring your meals with you to work and take the time to be alone. Use the hour to wind down and slow your train of thought. The lunch hour is a great time to recharge your batteries both physically and mentally.

Work and life are almost becoming things that act like oil and water. But if you have time away from work, make sure you’re using every hour of it wisely and shutting completely off from work.

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