How Sustainable Organic Infant Formula Can Benefit Your Little One

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Any qualified paediatrician will tell you that the best way to get nutrition for your baby is through breast milk. While this has mostly been proven true, there are many parents that do not have the option of using breast milk. There are many factors that could keep you from being able to breastfeed your child, but the fact is that there needs to be an alternative to these situations. That is why researchers have spent decades developing the best possible baby formula that they can. When you start looking at organic baby formula things can get even healthier for you little one.

Baby formula is very highly regulated by the Australian government, which means that any formula labelled organic will have even higher standards. So what exactly will this mean for the nutrition of your baby? There are many different benefits to choosing a sustainable organic infant formula, and being educated will give you a better understanding of why.

Keep reading below to see exactly why you should keep the organic infant formula as an option for your child.

Stricter Regulations

Anything and everything is trying to be labelled as organic nowadays. Organic is the new health trend, and it is not going anywhere. There is a lot to be said for having higher standards in food production, and for a formula to be labelled organic it has to go through some pretty strict trials. Everything from the cows the milk is sourced from to the end-line production will be scrutinised. Less than one per cent of dairy farms in the country are certified organic by the government. 

This is why you pay the extra money for the infant formula you feed to your baby. You can trust that every part of the process has been done properly and that the formula meets some very high standards. You would do anything to give your child an advantage, and organic infant formula is certainly a good place to start. 

Better Nutritional Contents

Not every single formula on the market will be the same, but you can trust that they will all have some added extras that regular infant formula will lack. The biggest advantage here will be the extra vitamins and nutrients that are added. Everything from vitamin E, to antioxidants, and omega 3 will be added into the mix, and all of this will benefit your infant greatly. Make sure to read the labels before making a purchase, as you will be able to see exactly what your formula of choice will do for your child.

Free Of GMOs

GMO has been an acronym that strikes fear in protective parents for the last number of decades. Known more commonly to be in certain pesticides, GMOs have been proven to be unhealthy, especially for those with developing or compromised immune systems. You can be guaranteed that any organic infant formula that you buy will be completely free of GMOs and any other bad things that pesticides can leave behind. This is just one more step you can take to protect your newborn infant. 

Organic Is A Better Choice

If breastfeeding is not going to be an option for your baby, you at least have some flexibility with the formulas you choose to feed them. Whether you are part of the organic movement or not, there are many obvious benefits to choosing organic over the regular kind of infant formula. For the best nutrition available on the shelf it is pertinent that you choose organic if it is affordable, your baby deserves everything that you can do for them.

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