How To Boost Your Candidate Pool

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Sometimes it seems that there are no decent candidates out there, but they are, so how can you find them and boost your candidate pool? 

Sell your company culture

It’s not just about advertising your jobs, but about advertising the lifestyle which comes with them. If you’re going to spend over 40 hours a week somewhere, it’s important to know what else to expect from a company and its culture.

Make your employees your job salespeople

Use your employees to tell others how good your company is. The people your employees meet and network with are likely quality candidates, so use your best and free resources, your employees, to help advertise your openings.

Utilize social media

Use your company’s social media channels, and also connect with key job boards and social media accounts. They don’t have to be relevant to your company, but if you’re targeting a certain audience, then you can try and tap into someone else’s and even pay them to tweet about your job posting for you. 

Get Creative

Look for anything, infographics, gifs, videos, whatever that might illuminate your company’s best qualities in a unique way. A good job posting will catch people’s eyes so, make sure yours stands out while they’re scrolling through the rest. 

Make your listing interesting

As well as the company culture, it’s also good to let job seekers know what they’ll be doing and how great the job can be for them. Make it as interesting as possible and make your job stand out from the others. 

Broadcast Your Brand

Try to look at your brand through the eyes of your target candidates. Make sure you’re showing your company somewhere where the work environment is one that appreciates and recognizes employees. Show potential new employees that you rewarded good work with praise, bonuses and upward mobility. There are loads of great ways to shine a spotlight on your most impressive projects and recent successes through blogs, video content, profiles and social media. Just make sure you showcase these standout examples in places where job hunters will be able to see them.

Employee Referral is Key

According to Jobvite, 39.9% of hires come from referrals, and 46% of referral-based hires tend to remain in a role for three years or more. This is no real surprise as people trust their friends, so while it’s important to do background checks (check out this website for more info), it makes perfect sense that peer advocacy is one of the most valuable assets for recruiters looking for long-term, right-fit hires. Build a referral programme and utilize the social networks of your existing employees whenever you can.

Keep In Touch

Regardless of how your applicants find you, show your appreciation by maintaining clear, constant communication from the moment they make contact with you. Quite often, applicants who aren’t quite up to scratch for a particular position now end up being the perfect candidate for another role in the future. Make sure that you treat them as such as, you’ll be thanking yourself later on.

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