How to Make a TV Antenna Worth Your While

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Are you missing out by buying into the cord cutting lifestyle fully? Learn how to make a TV antenna a vital part of your entertainment package here.

Technology has come a long way in the last twenty years. It’s amazing the number of cool electronic devices that are available at increasingly affordable prices.

The day of relying on rabbit ears and aluminum foil seems like something you could tell your great-grandchildren about. 

And yet while many people obsess about having the latest high-tech gadgets and spend hundreds of dollars each month on satellite or cable service, many other people choose a less expensive route to watching their favorite TV shows.

If you’ve been considering dumping your expensive premium services in favor of something more simple, this article is for you.

Here we take a look at how to make a TV antenna work for you. Keep reading to see the reasons that this is a smart move.

It’s a One-Time Investment

First of all, when you buy an antenna, it’s a one-time investment rather than having to pay a monthly subscription fee. Once the hardware is installed, it’s ready to go and there’s nothing else to pay for.

This is a huge advantage, especially when you consider that a typical digital antenna is not an expensive item. This frees up some cash from your monthly budget that you can use toward more important things like pizza and wings.

Broadcast Picture Quality Is Superior to More Expensive Options

Switching to a digital antenna also has other advantages. Not only will you save money by not having to pay a monthly subscription fee for a premium service, but the digital quality of the broadcast signal is also actually superior to the premium options.

This might seem hard to believe, but facts are facts. Most people likely assume that just because premium television service providers charge so much money for their content that it must be far superior to what is available for free with a simple antenna. And yet just the opposite is true.

Premium services might offer a wider range of viewing options, but their picture quality definitely ranks behind the quality of the digital broadcast signal.

The Broadcast Signal is Free

Yes, that’s right. The digital broadcast signal that’s available when using an antenna is free. This is as true today as it was decades ago when everyone used rabbit ears to watch TV.

This is, after all, the primary appeal to make the switch to an antenna for most people. You might be sacrificing a few things like premium channels, but access to those premium channels comes with a steep price tag.

Broadcast television is totally free, and you’ll still have full access to the major networks, which broadcast an amazing HD quality picture.

HD Quality Signal

Can free TV with an antenna really be able to get HD quality television? The answer is simple: Yes.

But how is that possible? The answer to this question really boils down to the word “compression.”

You have to understand that using an antenna is a huge advantage because the signal is delivered to your television uncompressed. Premium services are delivered through a cable or by satellite, and in order to deliver that amount of information the signal must be compressed to accommodate the massive size of the load. 

Broadcast TV doesn’t require the same level of signal compression, thus it’s delivered to the antennae the way the signal was intended to be seen.

Able to Unlock Additional Channels

When most people think about watching TV with an antenna, they likely imagine only being about to view the major networks. And while this might be enough for some people, there’s actually much more content available.

Once you’ve installed your antenna with these antenna installation tips, you can perform a channel search on your TV. The TV will perform a thorough search of the airwaves to find every signal it’s able to pick up. You will lively be amazed at the number of channels available.

The local channels available with a digital broadcast single can include classic movie and TV shows, specialty news outlets, PBS stations, programming designed for kids, and many more. In fact, depending on the area where you live, it’s possible to pick up a hundred or more broadcast channels. 

Keep in mind that all of these bonus broadcast channels are available to watch free of charge.

Won’t Waste as Much Time Channel Surfing

Here is another thing to consider. Even though you will have plenty of content to choose from, there won’t be an avalanche of useless channels that you’d typically have to wade through to find the content that you’re really interested in watching.

With cable and satellite, you can spend hours channel surfing, scrolling past stuff that you’d never consider watching. Thus you’re wasting your time channel surfing rather than watching the content that you like. This is ultimately a waste of both time and money because you’re paying for content that you don’t want.

Using an antenna simplifies the process and thus helps save you a ton of time.

A Roof Antenna Provides an Even Stronger Signal

Once you’ve decided to make the switch from premium services to antennae, you have a few options to choose from. 

First, you can buy a basic digital antenna for around $10, or you can invest a little more on an antenna that also features a signal booster that will potentially pick up a greater number of channels and provide a stronger and more reliable signal.

Another option is to purchase a roof antenna. This type of antenna is mounted to the roof in order to provide unobstructed access to the broadcast signal in your area. You might have to spend a little more on a roof antenna, but against this is a one-time investment, and will likely prove to be worth the extra expense.

Tips for How to Make a TV Antenn a Work for You

If you’ve been looking for ways to cut expenses from your monthly budget, canceling expensive premium TV services is a great way to cut costs while still enjoying many of the shows you enjoy. Fortunately, the tips contained here will you understand how to make a TV antenna work for you.

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