How to Make the Most Out of Your LinkedIn Profile

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The information age is upon us, and developing fast. The period during which to progress as a businessperson you might simply give them your card is coming to an end; nowadays, you quickly exchange your LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn is about building lasting impressions and communications with business acquaintances to better serve your interests in the future. You can enhance your network and set up a convincing LinkedIn profile by following the steps outlined in this handy guide, detailed below. 

Demonstrate Diversity and Creativity

Work is changing. It’s no longer the job you have for the next 20 years, but the career you build through a set of future-facing skills that must be dynamic and changing with the technologies that dictate the state of place across businesses. Bearing in mind that most repetitive skills are being automated, the emerging spheres of work are reliant on creativity and human skills such as communication and improvisation. 

Building a profile that demonstrates your diverse and creative capabilities will help you appear well-suited to the opportunities shared by future employers and associates. Not only that but you’ll be future-proofing your career by assuring that you’re developing those all-important human capabilities that robots and AI machines will never quite be able to handle on their own. All this will be evident and searchable through your LinkedIn profile, of course. 

Activities to Stand Out

Imagine being an employer sorting through possible employees for a position. The employer may meet dozens of candidates throughout a long day of work. Those considered for the position are those that stand out – what counts is what impression they make in the ten seconds they’re in the employer’s mind. Being able to master the impression you make, online and offline, is a skill that requires constant sharpening. 

By heading over to, you’ll witness and learn just how sharp network communications skills can help you build a stellar career – and this is the image you’ll want to develop for your LinkedIn profile. Overall, activities that make people connect to you and make you stand out will push you far ahead in the competitive career market.  

Profile Picture

There is a set of smart rules to follow when taking a professional LinkedIn photo. To maximize the positive impression made by your picture, here are the most important guidelines for a good profile photo:

  • Your profile is about yourself, it is important that you appear alone in your photo.
  • Wear something that appears tidy and professional. 
  • Turn your body slightly to the left or right to appear less confrontational and more friendly in your pose.
  • A smile goes a long way. Keep it friendly: you want to appear energetic and positive.

Demonstrating a positive attitude and making a good connection to those who look at your picture is the first step in creating a good impression. Your profile picture is the first thing people notice in your profile – so make sure you pick a good one.

Remain Connected

First impressions matter, yet keeping the connection is where the real value is created. Clearly, if you meet someone once, regardless of the impression you make, they’ll remember you for the investment you made in that encounter. Maintaining a LinkedIn account – vibrant with your recent activities, achievements, and acquaintances – is perfect for such impromptu meets: it allows you to quickly connect with another individual without spending a long time exchanging details. One quick instant message and you’re connected. 

Technologies in the digital age represent powerful new tools. It is up to us to find ways to make the most of their capabilities. Making use of a sharp, well-built and smartly-maintained LinkedIn profile can help you achieve career goals, connect with more professionals, and have more job satisfaction going into the future. 


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