How to Throw the Ultimate Company Party This Holiday Season

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It’s usually about November when everyone at the office starts walking with a spring in their step. Work slows down, holidays are planned, and the highly-anticipated Christmas company party is almost upon you! As is always the case, you want to improve on last years party and treat your loyal workforce to a festive celebration that they won’t soon forget. Clear the diary and pull out your pen and pad, because we’re about to plan the ultimate company party this holiday season. Let’s get into it!

Photo Booths are a non-negotiable

Photo booths have become the accessory to any work party, with those tangible photographs the evidence of a fantastic event enjoyed by all. Whether your work party is a dress-up theme or a black-tie affair, your team will want to capture these moments with one another, and even use them to decorate their workstation for the year ahead. If it’s been a couple of years since you hired a photobooth in Melbourne, you may be surprised to learn that there are many options you can select for the special day. Choose from a classic curtain photobooth, an open photobooth, or even one of the digital options that produce interactive photos that are truly out of this world. If you’re hoping to blow everyone out of the water at this year’s festive event, simply say cheese!

Choose a knock-out venue

Work events that are held onsite or at drab locations will never pull the crowds, and that’s a fact that no one can deny. Choosing a knock-out event for your company party will add a sense of occasion to the event, and will have your guests arriving in high spirits, as they are touched and excited by the efforts and appreciation this venue represents. If you’re not sure where to start, finding somewhere with a view is a great place to start. You will also want to go with a venue that has an impressive decor, as this will save you having to style the space as the personality of the venue will do that for you. Lastly, consider the logistics and ‘housekeeping’ issues when selecting a venue. Are there enough bathrooms, and is there parking or an accessible drop-off area that your company can arrive from? Iron these issues out and communicate them to your team ahead of the event to avoid any issues.

Keep it light and playful

A work event shouldn’t feel like… well, work. The end of year party is a time to shake off the year, and loosen up in the company of your workmates that kept you going throughout the year. Finding an MC that can keep the event moving forward with laughter will keep the night light, and will absolve your team of having to bear the responsibility of delivering speeches, updates and commendations on the night. If you really want to poke a little fun, you can create some ‘mock work awards’ to some or all of your staff. This can include ‘Most likely to forget the morning tea award’ for the culprit who never brings a plate, ‘Early riser award’ for the employee who arrives first, or even ‘Loudest phone talker’ to the person who yells into the phone when it rings. These awards will always bring down the house and will create some anticipation for next years awards.

These three elements are the most important considerations, and if you nail all three then you will have a seriously fun holiday event on your hands. Things like catering and dress codes should also be looked at, but its the above experiences that stay in the minds of your employees for many years to come.

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