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Landscaping Ideas You Should Try at Home

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Whether you are planning to put your home on the market or you simply want to upgrade your outside view when you gaze into your front or backyard; landscaping is there to help. With landscaping, you are automatically adding value to the property and also increasing its visual outlook for either yourself or potential buyers. Numerous people make the mistake in thinking that landscaping has to be done by professionals and additions to your backyard have to be completed by contractors but that is actually not the case. Most landscaping ideas can be done by the homeowners as long as they have the time and the physical effort to expend to get the job done.

While some landscaping updates are expensive, there are plenty of others that can be done through a combination of cheap supplies, free labor (yourself and friends or family) and a bit of do-it-yourself creativity. Some people aren’t aware of this and instead would just prefer to hire someone to do the work but that can get pretty expensive in a society where it seems expenses outweigh income. That is why today we are going to take a look at some landscaping ideas you should try at home!

Go Green

If you don’t already have a garden, consider planting one. Gardens full of color from flowers and ripe veggies just ready for the picking are instant market boosters. If a full-scale garden is too much work for your busy lifestyle, then pick up some funky colored pots, plant your flowers and place them in well-trafficked areas to boost the scenery.

Get Trimmed

To automatically update the landscaping of your yard, you simply have to trim it. To trim your yard for a landscaped look, ensure that the yard is neatly mowed, all weeds are removed, any gardens are in order and all trees are trimmed to emphasize their lushness by removing low hanging or dead branches.

Invest in a lawn mower that comes with a bag attachment to collect any yard waste so that is isn’t left in piles over the grass. Have your gardens weeded and around the patio, use a weed trimmer to cut down on the longer grass. Have a chainsaw on hand to trim trees and remove the branches that are hanging low or use a shrub trimmer to clean up hedges, small trees and whatnot.

A chainsaw should be an investment, however, so you definitely want a sturdy brand that will stand up to the work required; such as the ones professionals use.

Set the Path

One thing that people don’t realize gives an automatically landscaped look to a home is the addition of a stone or concrete walking path. Use concrete patio stones or smaller crushed stone to outline a path from the driveway right up to the patio. Use the same look in the backyard to bring people to admire your gardens or set up next to a fire pit.

Patio stones can be purchased through numerous hardware stores or stonework manufacturers while crushed stone can be purchased through a rock and mineral company. Not wanting to spend that much money? Then make your own by constructing braces out of lumber, using a bag of ready pour cement and letting it set into place. You can even add your own features to these DIY patio stones by asking your children to set their hands in the wet cement, painting the wooden braces a bright and cheery color and adding small decorative garden rocks in the corners.  Make sure to get a good stamped concrete sealer to give your driveway a great look

Paint, Paint, Update

One easy way to landscape a home is to upgrade and update the outdoor color scheme. This means painting your front door (if possible) to give it a modernized look. You can pick out weatherproofing stain for the front porch and increase the longevity of the wood while giving it a makeover.

Adding dashes of color to the property by also painting the trim of the house and accompanying properties gives your home an instant landscaped look. If you have a swing set or treehouse in your yard, give that a coat of paint or a coat of stain as well to bring together the exterior design of your home.


Landscaping is a pretty easy way to spruce up your yard, add some value to your home in terms of the market and also entice potential buyers to take a closer look at your residence. Potential buyers, when they see a nicely landscaped yard, will generally think of the memories they could make in a yard like that and also will be grateful that the work is already done so they don’t have to hire a landscaper or contractor.

If you are landscaping for your own personal reasons, it increases the relaxation value of your property and creates an area where all members of the family can hang out, bond, and just simply sit to be surrounded by nature. That is why you should try some of these landscaping ideas today!

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