Leidy Mazo: An Up-and-coming Miami Pop Artist

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Leidy Mazo is a model and an actress, known for the blockbuster movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon. She is also the up-and-coming pop artist in the Miami art scene. Once a year, hordes of amateurs, connoisseurs and art collectors flock to Miami for Art Basel. Locals like Leidy Mazo know that art and culture thrive here all year long. We recently sat down with Ms. Mazo for this Social Lifestyle interview and discussed everything about the current state of the art industry in Miami, what’s trending, her favorite galleries, and her take on Art Basel.

Social Lifestyle Magazine: Tell our readers about yourself:

I arrived in the United States at the age of 15. I immediately attended high school and started to learn how to speak English. I worked hard in school and received a scholarship for the art institution. Later I moved to Los Angeles to take acting classes and star in movies. I’m always reaching for more every step of the way. Once I achieve one goal I strive for the next. I have always been highly motivated in life. 

I’m an extremely artistic person that needs to fulfill my desire to create by expressing myself in various ways such as painting, acting, and modeling. I have enjoyed being an actress and model, but now that I’m a wife and mother, I feel the best way to express my internal feelings is by painting. Once I start painting I get into a zone that allows me to freely express myself. I get lost in my own little world until the painting is complete. It’s easy for me to spend hours painting since my beautiful daughter has now started school.  

What are some of your early inspirations and artists that got you started in art? 

Changing religions was my earliest inspiration. I spent a lot of time studying to convert to Judaism. One day I was sitting at the table studying and I naturally started drawing the Star of David. I noticed the perfect angles of the star and thought it would be great if I could incorporate prayers and create a work of art. My Louis Vuitton purse was sitting on the table while I was sketching and I started adding the logo into the art piece. All of my work is emotionally inspired which is why each painting has a different meaning and style. 

Can you show our readers some of your favorite work you have done?

Attach 2-3 high-res pieces of your work here and label each one. 

My paintings of Jewish stars are my first love. These paintings are meaningful to me because it marks the beginning of my career when I was feeling lost and didn’t know what I was going to do with my life. 

All of my teddy bear paintings tell a story. I have so many of them because I kept painting until I made one for every name brand. 

My ‘soldiers hearts fight for love’ collection was created because all over the world people are fighting, shooting, killing and hurting each other. That’s all we see and hear on the news. It’s overwhelming for everyone in society so I created a collection to support the troops as they fight for peace and love.   

How would you describe your style, and what makes you stand out from the others?

Like every new artist, I’m still searching for that style. I love working with other artists and collaborating. It seems like I have many styles. I think my artistic styles change with my emotions and the thoughts going on in my head. It’s almost like a movie producer creating a new film every time. In my case, it’s new artwork that is inspired by my feelings. Everyone feels hundreds of different emotions every day, I put mine onto canvas. I stand out for making 3D art and making things come to reality. 

What is the current state of the art industry in Miami? 

The art scene in Miami is powerful and generates more than $156.8 million for local and state government. Non-profit arts in Miami-Dade generate $60,648,000 annually in local government revenue. The Miami-Dade County art industry employs 40,944 local residents and helps generate $1.3 million in household income. Miami is an excellent place to be involved in the art industry as well as raise a family. 

What is your opinion on Art Basel?

I find Art Basel to be educational for artists and enthusiasts. Everyone has access to view high quality modern and contemporary artwork from Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America. It’s also excellent for new artists which include painters, photographers, filmmakers, and sculptors.  

There has been an increase in art galleries in Miami? Why is everyone going to Little Haiti and Little River?

The Little Haiti and Little River art districts are filled with rich culture and history of the area. Over the years the art industry has flocked to these areas to enrich the communities and build a stable and unique environment for locals and visitors. Everyone is going to these two areas to help enrich the culture in the neighborhoods and promote discussion among visitors to the galleries. 

What are some of your favorite art galleries and museums in Miami or surrounding areas our readers should visit right now?

There are so many unique art galleries and museums in Miami. I recommend visiting as many as possible. However, I highly recommend Wynwood Art Walk, Art Basel, the Robert Fontaine Gallery, Artechouse Miami, and the Rubell Family Collection.  

What are some of the projects you are currently working on?

Right now, my App is the main project I’m currently working on. I make changes every day to ensure it’s going to be easy to use as well as entertaining. Plus, I’m always painting and coming up with new styles and ideas. 

Do you have any events or galleries coming up?
I will be announcing my Art Basel dates and events on my Instagram @leidymazo_ and my website




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