THC Detox: What You Should Know

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THC is an abbreviation for a scientific chemical known as Tetrahydrocannabinol Carbolic Acid which exists as an inactive chemical in the body. The levels of THC in the blood are triggered when cannabis products are consumed. The immediate effect of this consumption leads to an increase in metabolites in the body fat tissues. The need to check on the body’s metabolism and fatty tissues call for detoxification to clean the body. To detect the existence of THC in the body, a marijuana drug test must be conducted. The use of hair follicles, urine, blood, fingernails, and saliva is recommended, though, not all these tests may show the levels of THC in the body. The urine will show metabolites months after marijuana use while the blood will show the actual THC levels in the blood.

Meaning of THC Detox

Everyone needs clean blood and indeed body and as such, any marijuana user needs to detoxify. The process of body cleaning may not come cheap or easy and require a lot of dedication. Though the body has a system of self-cleaning, at times it becomes compromised. When the body is compromised, there is a need to use artificial means to cleanse. THC detox reviews show that the body can be cleaned if discipline to the cleansing process is observed to the letter. It doesn’t matter whether you are a heavy or light marijuana consumer. To some, the use of cannabis products could be prescribed medication and there is a need to check on the THC levels when you finally abstain from its use.  

THC sticks a long time in the body system making its detection easy. The length of the THC stays in the body thus relies on several things detectable from the testing of the body elements mentioned above. The body metabolism and eating habits, the percentage of body fat, frequency and quantity of marijuana use, and exercise routine keep the body active for detection. 

Reasons for THC Detox

The main reason you may need to conduct a THC detox is to be in good health and stay safe. Cannabis consumption interferes with proper brain functions leading to hallucination. THC detoxification plays a vital role in rectifying this. Further, THC detoxification may be needed by others to procure a school admission or job opportunity. Due to strict school rules or job culture, you may be locked out should THC be detected in your body.

Side Effects of THC Detox

This detox is a painless process but may harbor serious side effects for heavy marijuana users or those using it as medicine. The side effects could pass as withdrawal symptoms though they may result from the detoxification process. You may experience insomnia, depression, body irritation, headaches, anxiety, and decreased or total loss of appetite. Whenever these effects are experienced, care should be taken to avoid relapsing due to drug withdrawal during the cleansing process.

Ways of THC Detoxification

There are two major ways of how to detox to cleanse your body from marijuana products’ effects. You can make use of a detox kit or go natural. Whereas the use of detox kit is direct, going natural require carrying out several activities and following certain programs.


  • Use of Detox Kit


A detox kit is composed of several varied prescribed medications. Before a purchase is made, evaluate which kit best suits your needs. There are detox kits prescribed for vegans and people who consume meat. Most detox kits come with prescribed herbal medication alongside instructions on use. The prescribed medication cleanses the affected body organs by absorbing the released toxins and flushes them away safely. The chosen detoxification kit should be carefully examined to check on its functionality. The kit should be effective and reliable, available and affordable, and be able to work in the shortest time possible.


  • The natural Detox


There will never exist the best and most recommended approach to THC detox than going natural. The natural remedies can be used alongside detox kit though they are equally effective on their own. If you know that you are likely to relapse to the use of cannabis, just abstain from THC detoxing. It is of no use engaging the body on cleansing when still actively using marijuana. The abstinence is also reversely where you ditch the use of cannabis. The damage to the body may not have been huge by the time of abstinence.

Draft and follow a well laid down plan of diet consumption and taking in plenty of water. A balanced diet will help in driving toxins out of the body. Plenty of water intake keeps the body hydrated during the cleansing process. Engage in a lot of physical body exercises to burn extra fats where THC levels are high. The burnt excess fat helps in flushing out toxins from the body.

Several THC detox reviews have emerged on the effectiveness of the process. There are proponents for use of detox kit and those pulling for going natural. Whichever process of detoxification you go for, make the wisest of decisions to avoid backlash. The use of marijuana products should be avoided or reduced to minimal levels to avoid going through the cleansing process. Unless it is prescribed as a medicine, you should avoid the use of cannabis.

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