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The 4 Best Stones For Jewellery In The Winter

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The summer is officially over and winter is well and truly on the way, so it’s time to start changing your wardrobe. During the autumn, you can still get a bit of use out of some of your summer clothes if you layer them up, but you need to start digging out some of your winter pieces as well. You need to swap the light fabrics and flowery dresses for thick coats and scarves so you can brave the cold. It’s also important to think about the accessories that you wear, particularly your jewellery. The styles that pair well with your summer outfits won’t work with your winter clothes, so you’ll need to make some changes, particularly to the stones that you use. These are some of the best stones to wear in your winter jewellery. 


When you are picking stones, you should think about the colors of autumn and winter and find something that works well with them. In the autumn, you will be wearing a lot of oranges and browns, and when winter rolls around, your outfits will be made up with lots of navy pieces. You will find a mixture of these winter and autumn colors in Opal jewellery of any kind. You can get some great necklaces and earrings with Opal stones and you get a slightly different hue when viewed from different angles, which means that they are a great go-to option that will pair well with most of your winter and autumn pieces. 


A stone that compliments your winter and autumn colors is good, but you could also consider something that contrasts, like amber. In the autumn, it’s a great match for those warm colors that work so well. When winter comes and you are wearing a lot of navy or gray, it creates a nice contrast and helps to lift your outfit a little. Winter outfits can sometimes be a bit dull, but a nice amber stone to remind you of the fading summer sun will help to make them more interesting and colorful. 


When the cold weather really sets in and the streets are filled with ice and snow, you can capture that magic with an aquamarine stone. This is a great stone that works well all year around, but it really comes into its own during the winter. It’s fairly neutral, but it still has that distinct winter feel to it. 


Diamond is always the classic choice for jewellery and some people think that it’s a bit boring. But there is a reason that it’s so popular because it’s timeless and it works so well with any outfit, especially in the winter. Diamonds are a little harder to wear in the summer because the classic look doesn’t always work with bright colors and heavy patterns. But in the winter, when your wardrobe is more understated, diamonds are a great way to give your outfit a lift. You should spend some time getting to know the different cuts of diamond because if you buy quality diamond jewellery, it will last you a lifetime. 

When you are shopping for jewellery for the autumn and winter, these are the best stones to go for. 

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