The Introvert’s Guide To Meeting New People

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Some people can’t get enough of the people around them, and will want to spend every waking moment around other folks. Others, though, may find it hard to spend more than a few hours around their friends and family, and while there isn’t anything wrong with this, it can often be hard for introverts to get out a meet new people. Even with the best intentions, getting out and talking to people you don’t know can be a real challenge. Those around you may make it look easy, but this doesn’t invalidate your struggle, and you need to find ways to overcome it. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best methods to use when you’re trying to improve your social life as an introvert.

Social Media

As their name suggests, social networking sites are designed to help people to manage their social lives. Options like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have everything you need to start talking to new people, though you will have to take the right approach, or your advances could be seen as a little strange. It’s not always a good idea to simply message someone out of the blue when you’d like to start building a bond with them. Instead, it can be much better to find some common ground first, but these social sites are perfect for this, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

On Facebook, for example, you have access to a host of different groups and pages which are publicly available. By engaging with these groups, you will see the same names popping up time after time, and these will be people who have similar interests to you. It won’t take long until you feel ready to talk to them, and this can be done through comments or private messaging. Not everyone on Facebook wants to make new friends, but this doesn’t mean that you have to think too much about the people you decide to get in contact with.


The modern world presents you with countless opportunities to get yourself out there and talking to new people, though we’re going to look at some technology which has been around for quite a while; phones. There are loads of different Chatlines available across the internet, and they all serve different purposes. Some are just for fun, while others can help you to get a date, but you’ll be more interested in the ones which are designed to put you in touch with new people. A lot of these companies offer free trials, giving you the chance to try out their service before you decide to put any money into it.

Dating Websites & Apps

Along with chatlines, there are also a lot of apps on the market which are designed to help you to meet new people. Sites like Tinder are often looked at as pure dating apps. In reality, though, a lot of the users in places like this are choosing to use them to find people to spend time with, rather than to hook up. It’s always worth being honest about your intentions in your profile, as this will ensure that people don’t take your friendliness the wrong way. Making new friends on a dating app is easier than you might think, and tools like location filters make it easy to ensure that they are close by.

Community Websites

Like the Facebook groups you can find for interest groups, there are also a lot of community websites out there which cover similar topics. Some come in the form of forums, while others are simple blogs, but they all give you the chance to talk to people who share your interests. This is great when you live somewhere remote and don’t have anyone close by who can enjoy these things with you. Of course, though, it can also ensure that you don’t have to put yourself into uncomfortable situations to get the social time you want.

Hobbies & Interest Groups

In a lot of cases, when you find a group online, there will be some sort of equivalent which can be found in the real world. While you may not be able to see the people you’ve spoken to on the web, as they could be very far away, these sorts of groups can give you the chance to meet people who are sure to have similar interests to you. Of course, though, it’s worth spending some time researching your options. There are a lot of interest groups in the world, but you will need to work hard to find ones which match your desires.

Meeting Face To Face

Meeting up with people face to face can be a challenge when you’re an introvert. A lot of people find that they don’t know what to say or will get stressed before the meeting even starts. It’s worth remembering that the person you’re meeting probably has similar worries, and that it is completely natural to worry about the way they will see you. You can combat this somewhat by meeting them alone, as going with someone else can make it all too easy not to speak up. Of course, though, getting to know someone over the web will almost always make this much easier.

It’s worth being careful when you meet people you’ve met on the web, even if you feel like you can trust them. Not everyone is honest with the people they speak to online, and this can make it hard to know whether or not you’re being fed the truth or lies. It’s unlikely that you’re going to meet someone dangerous, but you should consider meeting them in public before going somewhere private. This will ensure that you have a chance to scope them out properly, while also making it easier to leave if you feel uncomfortable.

Being introverted can make life quite hard. People assume that you are angry or sad when you’re not, and some may even seem to dislike you because of it. Of course, though, this doesn’t mean that you should be stuck without seeing people, and you should work hard to open the doors to a new you.

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