Throwing A Business Event In Style

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From time to time, businesses need to leave the confines of their offices (and comfort of their regular operations) to host an event, whether for staff, customers, or key stakeholders. 

Pulling off a quality event, however, can be a challenge: a lot can go wrong. 

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the ways that you can execute your event with ease (and avoid some frequent disasters along the way). 

Stick To Your Budget

Business event costs can quickly spiral out of control if you don’t keep tabs on them. Before your event, therefore, ensure that you have a budget and take steps toward meeting it. Check the price of the venue and any ancillary costs. Double-check expenses with caterers and entertainers too (if you have any), and factor in other items, like transport. 

Protect Against the Weather

The last thing you want is to spend money organizing an event, only for it to result in a washout. It’s critical, therefore, to protect your event from rain and any other weather event, if you plan on hosting it outdoors. Marquees, sidewalls, umbrellas, and towels are all essentials if the weather looks uncertain. 

Build A Buzz

Organizing a business event is costly. You, therefore, want as many people to show up as possible who need to be there. Attracting colleagues isn’t much of a challenge: just make sure that managers are clear about expectations. Getting customers to attend, on the other hand, can be difficult. 

One approach is to use social media to get the message out. Advertise the fact that you’ll be offering exclusive perks for attendees, like interviews, workshops, free samples, or early access to products. 

Tell The Media

Local news organizations love talking about business events in the local area, especially if yours offers something novel and different. 

Get a third-party agency to create a press release or contact a journalist to see whether they’d be willing to do an article on the event. 

Publicity can help spread the word about your business and get information out there. 

Think Carefully About Your Plans

Throwing a business event isn’t an easy task. In fact, it’s something of a logistical night – loads can go wrong. 

If possible, download an event planning template from the internet and use it to make sure that you’ve covered all bases. If you’re still in doubt, team up with a professional planning company – an organization that has put together company events before and understand the snags. 

Put Together A Team

While there might be the odd soul in your organization with the skills to put together a business event single-handedly, they’re rare indeed. It’s much better to put together a team of people to share the load, under the direction of a senior organizer. 

When organizing your team, ensure that you make each person’s responsibilities clear so that there is no confusion. Develop robust systems to check that each individual fulfills their role and provides value to the effort as a whole. 


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