Top 6 Tips for Living a Happy Life While Working Remotely

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You’ve left the office behind with barely a glance. You’re adamant you won’t miss the camaraderie of office life and those water-cooler moments. But how do you know you’re going to enjoy working remotely, be it from home or your local coffee shop?

With these questions in mind, here are several pro tips on how to make the most out of working remotely.

Invest in Great Technology

If your employer isn’t providing you with a laptop and you’re totally flying solo, then an initial outlay on a computer will pay dividends. Do your research, talk to other remote workers, and check out online reviews before choosing what you need.

Be Secure

Online safety is critical for remote workers. It is prudent to have ID theft prevention measures in place on all your devices so that you can safely access sensitive information. LifeLock offers comprehensive identity theft protection, complete with 24/7 monitoring and prompt resolution assistance if an issue occurs. Use this LifeLock coupon to save up to 25 percent off on your first year of service.

Communicate Well and Often

To be a successful remote worker, whatever your job, you have to communicate. Whether you’re dishing out the deadlines or you’re being given them, send progress updates.

Also, be sure to make time for regular video chats and don’t over-rely on email to communicate with colleagues and clients. Email can sometimes be as much of a communication barrier as text messaging is. Sometimes a personal touch goes a long way.

Prioritize Your Work

If you’re fortunate enough to know what your day is going to bring, then prioritize your tasks and carry them out accordingly. Don’t just pick your favorite tasks or the easy jobs.

For example, if you know your energy levels are higher in the morning, then use that time to complete more complicated tasks. Don’t forget to schedule in small screen breaks. No one is a machine. You’ll be more productive when you manage your time and allow yourself space to replenish your energy and creativity.

Don’t Get Distracted

Some people can get into the zone wherever they are and manage to filter out the noise. But if this is a challenge for you, wear headphones if you’re in a public place where noise levels can fluctuate.

When at home, work in a designated workspace. This helps to minimize distractions like the TV, Netflix, the contents of your fridge, household chores and any other distractions. Save all of that for your breaks, or after your workday is complete.

Have Boundaries

Have a set time when you start and finish work. If you’re able to have set working days too, even better. You don’t need to be entirely rigid in your approach; just give yourself the time to log off and rest; otherwise, your productivity will suffer.

Ready to Start Working Remotely?

So, there we have it! You’re all set for remote working. Just before diving in feet first, remember it’s essential to be prepared, structured, and secure. These measures protect not only your productivity but also your general well-being.


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