Top 9 VR Movies of 2019

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Virtual reality is a simulated environment for the real world. The film industry is adopting the concept of virtual reality as the demand for VR technology is rising. VR is now being developed in movies, aside from the gaming industry. VR gained attention towards the movie industry, and they are innovating VR technology in the movie industry because of its popularity.

Ready Player One

Ready player one is a big hit when it comes to virtual reality. Steven Spielberg, a renowned filmmaker, made a film concept which combines virtual reality and the real world. In the year 2045, the world is in chaos, and the only thing to escape this chaos is through virtual reality called the OASIS.

James Halliday created the OASIS before his death. Three quests need to finish and collect the reward to have control over the game. Wade Owen Watts, one of the players who participate in the contest, and he uncovered all clues by watching the real James Halliday’s memories of the past.

The struggle of Wade Owen Watts doesn’t end the virtual reality game, but also in his real life. The actions and concepts of the moves are considered to be the best virtual reality movies so far in the movie industry.

IT: Float

IT: FLoat, is a horror genre that is one of the best VR movies that you need to watch, in 2019. The IT float has the best cinematic experience that would fit for the virtual reality environment. The sewer with the scary clown would take the VR experience to the next level.

The Displaced

The New York Times has seen an opportunity with the virtual reality environment to add a new style of delivering their content. The displace is a sample movie for the New York Times that proves that they can adopt and use the technology for their content. The concept of the story is that three children saw the bitterness of war and strive for survival.

The Invisible Man

You will experience the life of the underworld by watching the movie called the invisible man. Nick and Kid, a drug dealer that has a large quantity of cocaine that they hide on the barn. Nick and Kid have a debt to Frank, and they meet when frank went to their hideout. Frank suggests playing Russian roulette to settle their problem with a game.

Spiderman Far From Home

Peter Parker, who lost his mentor Tony Stark suffers emotionally and wants to take a break for being a superhero. Nick and maria investigate the possibility of having a multi-world and encounter Quentin Beck as one of the people for the multiverse. The world is in grave danger if they do not stop the treat of the elemental creature.

Spiderman and Quentin Beck form a team to defeat the elemental creature. The twisted part of the story is Quentin Beck is an enemy who uses virtual reality technology to create his world and power. The adoption and virtual reality and augmentation reality to the movies prove that technology can be a disaster if a power technology went into the wrong hands.


Invasion is a short animated virtual reality video, which you will find interesting for all the characters involved in the movie. The two aliens want to take interest on the earth and want to control the planet. Their plan was changed when they met two little bunnies. Ethan Hawke narrated the short and well-designed movie for kids and adults.

Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes is more likely for an adult category rather than the invasion that is suitable for all ages. The story is all about the dysfunctional family because they lose their grandfather, who wishes to burn his body to ashes. You can learn the perspective of the urn that allows you to observe the story in a stunningly way.

Ocean Descent

A short movie film that gives you the experience of a cage underwater view. The virtual reality view of seeing beautiful corals and fish underwater is like a real-life experience. Throughout the underwater experience, a slight problem happens when they saw a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea.

At the bottom of the sea, you will get attacked by a shark, and broke the front panel of the cage. You will experience a real-life situation where you get attacked by the shark.

Walking New York

A virtual reality movie with a 360 camera angle that has an astonishing view in every scene. The walking new york gives you a tour around the city itself with an amazing aerial view from the helicopter. The video will let you experience the beautiful view of new york city like you’ve been there.


Virtual reality has taken more than one step at its innovation. It not only affects the gaming industry, but it also affects the movie industry. Many movie directors are now considering the virtual reality concept in their movies. We might see a VR concept movie for the next following years.


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