Travel Better: 10 of the Best Travel Hacks Ever Created

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Traveling does not always have to be expensive and uncomfortable, click here to learn the best travel hacks ever created to make your life on the road easier.

Have you ever got back home from a vacation and felt like you needed another?

Yes, while the purpose is relaxation, according to research, vacations can be a major source of stress! Instead of letting your dream vacay turn into a travel nightmare, follow these 10 best travel hacks.

Let Your Dreams Take Flight

Unless you’re sticking to a local destination for your vacay, you’ll have to book your flights. One of the best international travel hacks is to pick the right day to book your tickets. Yes, there’s an optimal time to book for!

Some of the cheapest days to fly include Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and surprisingly Saturdays. You can also get better deals if you buy your tickets on a Tuesday too.

But the best thing you can do is to be flexible (if possible). The stricter your dates are, the more you’ll probably spend.

Sitting Smart

Now you’ve got the best deal on a flight, what other flying hacks are essential? Think about it, nobody wants to be sat next to an overly chatty passenger for 5 hours or one who snores on your shoulder the entire way.

To avoid any up-close-and-personal encounters with strangers, reserve the aisle seat and the window seat (if there’s two of you). Chances are, nobody will book the dreaded seat in the middle of you both. And if they do, you can always ask to swap places.

Keep Your Documents Safe

When traveling, it’s always good to keep your documents on hand. But taking your passport to the beach is a bit of a risk.

Instead, make copies of your passport, ID card, itinerary, and flight details. Either keep a printed copy with you or simply scan them to your device and make sure they are available offline. Leave your originals back at the hotel in a locked suitcase.

If you lose your documents or somebody steals them, you’ll be glad to have a backup.

Get Packing

Start by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. This allows you to fit more stuff in and it usually leaves fewer creases on your clothes. So no need to iron when you reach your destination.

Don’t forget to roll your socks and underwear into balls and stuff them in shoes and other sneaky spaces in your luggage. These optimal space-saving methods are especially important if you have major luggage limitations.

Unless you’re a traveler who likes to wash their clothes on the run, you’re going to end up with a bag full of dirty laundry. Throw in a couple of dryer sheets to keep everything smelling fresh and stop your suitcase emitting green rays. If you can’t get hold of dryer sheets, a scented bar of soap works great too.

Fragile Luggage Hack

One of the sneakiest airline hacks is to mark your baggage as fragile. Not only will you get your luggage first, but the airline workers will be extra careful with your bags! Either buy stickers in advance or ask the customer service reps to give you a few to slap on your suitcases.

Another secret way to keep your luggage or rucksack intact is to line it with a trash-bag. This means if it’s raining or there’s a spillage in the hold, it won’t affect anything inside your luggage.

Drink Up

We all know the benefits of drinking water. But because of the rules, regulations, and hefty price tags, you might not drink enough on the flight.

Instead of relying on store-bought water bottles, pack an empty bottle and fill it up when you get through security. It’s better for the environment too.

Ready for Anything

Have you ever reached a hotel you booked online and ended up with a dirty place to stay? In some situations, you may not have a choice but to stay there for the night.

Instead of laying your face on a filthy-looking pillow, bring your own pillowcase. And if the pillow is really bad, just stuff some clothes into your ready-packed pillowcase and voila, you’re good to go.

Another handy hotel hack is to bring a clothespin to prop up your toothbrush making sure it doesn’t touch a grimy sink. And if there aren’t enough plug-points in your room, bring a power strip. If worst comes to worst, don’t forget there are USB ports you can plug into on the back of most TVs.

Money, Money, Money

One of the best international travel hacks is to get money out of an ATM instead of using money converters at the airport. Exchange rates at the airport are usually extortionate. You’ll save a lot of money if you withdraw local currency out of an ATM instead.

Google It

Not so long back you’d try to navigate a city with a perplexing travel map and awkwardly try to converse with the locals using a language guide. But now we’re living in a new age of travel tech.

Use Google maps to get around. Make sure to download it to your device so you can continue to use it offline. Download the “Google Translate” app too, and you’ll be ready to chat with everyone you meet.

When in Rome

Get out of your comfort zone and do what the locals do. For example:

  • Eat locally to experience new tastes
  • Shop at local grocery stores for snacks and drinks
  • Travel on local transport to experience “real life”
  • Use the local language
  • Wear clothing that matches the culture (for example, if a country advises you wear modest clothing, do it)

If you follow these travel life hacks you’ll not only fit in, but you’ll save some dollars too.

The Best Travel Hacks for a Savvy Traveler

Whether you find an amazing deal on a flight or you wow the locals with your Google language skills—if you follow these 10 best travel hacks your vacay will run a lot smoother. And when you get back home, you’ll feel nothing but relaxed and refreshed, and that’s exactly how it should be!

Check out the Lifestyle-Travel section of our blog for more handy tips and hacks for your getaway.

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