What Is CBD Oil and How Can It Be Used In Place Of Prescription Medicines

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There’s always been controversy floating about the use of CBD Oil for medicinal purposes. Due to some countries banning the overall use of anything related to Cannabis, most people tiptoe around the topic. 

Of course, that’s not going to stop anyone from trying to uncover the truth, especially after the United States legalized medical Cannabis in 33 states. This is why more people are starting to recognize the medicinal properties of CBD. Research after research, the benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) being used in place of prescription medicines are being laid bare for the public eye. 

If you’re new to this, you must be wondering why CBD Oil is being sought after. So, it’s time to uncover the reason behind its sudden popularity and the medicinal properties it provides. 

What’s CBD Oil and Why Do People Need It?

When people hear the term Cannabis, they immediately think of marijuana. But in fact, marijuana is only one of the slang terms that people confuse with actual Cannabis. Marijuana is actually made from Cannabis, and Cannabis has three species. These three species have different textures and effects when ingested (something you should definitely be wary about). One of these species is Cannabis sativa. 

CBD oil is a concentrated, liquid extract of Cannabis sativa. When the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pushed for the recommended approval of a cannabis-derived drug called Epidiolex, it started a revolution for CBD oil. Even though cannabis-derived products have been used for its medicinal properties, the FDA’s support marked a turning point. 

Today, there’s no question about the medical benefits of CBD oil and its medicinal properties. 

CBD Oil: Medicinal Properties, Uses, and Risks

CBD medicinal properties pose different effects for different medical conditions. Depending on how it’s consumed, the physiological effects of CBD oil may vary. 

One of the risks it poses is that it has unpredictable effects depending on how a person absorbs or consumes it. For example, various research states that using CBD oil for vaping doesn’t pose the same decline in your respiratory health as smoking other marijuana products. 

However, how long it takes to work when vaping CBD oil and how long it stays in your system is unpredictable. 

That said, here ways that CBD oil can be used in place of prescription medicines:

CBD Oil for Depression

Depression is a chronic mental health issue that places within a person at risk of self-harm. While there are countless medications that help reduce episodes of depression, some sufferers aren’t a fan of the side effects these medications entail. In 2010, the British Journal of Pharmacology delivered promising results in the effects of treating depression with CBD Oil

In place of prescription medicines, CBD Oil impacts serotonin and produces antidepressant effects. These positive effects don’t trigger the same side effects that are present in antidepressant medications.

CBD Oil For Pain Relief 

Even during ancient times, Cannabis has long been used to alleviate pain. In modern times, however, scientists and researchers isolated parts of the plant responsible for pain relief. These isolated parts are found in CBD oils. 

Today, CBD oil helps its users manage chronic pain without the intoxicating effects that Cannabis brings. One of the reasons why CBD oil is being used in place of prescription medicines is the lack of side effects a person encounters when consuming it. 

CBD Oil For Cancer-Related Symptoms

There’s a lot of ongoing research about CBD properties reducing cancer symptoms and improving cancer treatment. Most of these studies are being performed using animal studies, but the results of the studies are mostly positive. Once the study has been perfected, CBD oil might help reduce cancer symptoms. However, it’s still difficult to assess its safety and effectiveness at the moment. 

Researchers are also pinpointing the effects of CBD oil in patients undergoing chemotherapy. While there are several medications that alleviate chemotherapy-induced symptoms, some people find it ineffective. The effect of prescription medicine varies from person to person, but there’s an ongoing study of CBD oil reducing chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting. So far, the effects and benefits have been consistent, but still under development.

What You Need to Know About CBD Oil

CBD oil’s medicinal properties are still in its development and research stages. While a lot of people are vouching for its effectiveness in treating certain health issues, there are key things you need to remember. One of these is the effect of CBD oil varying from person to person. Depending on the dosage you take and how your body reacts, the effectiveness of CBD oil in your system might not be as present as it is with others. 

Just like any other prescription medicine, you’ll have to identify the dosage you need for it to be effective and how you need to consume it. Do not rely on other people’s experience with CBD oil and head to an expert before trying it out for yourself. 


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