3 Lessons From Celebs That Make A Lot Of Sense

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Many people often dismiss the words of celebrities. Indeed, some people firmly believe that endorsement from celebrities contributed to Hilary Clinton losing the election. They suggest it turned people away by patronising campaigns that were out of touch with the needs of the typical individual. This might be true, however, there are definitely lessons that are worth learning from the key figures in Hollywood. 

It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Cigarettes 

You might still enjoy a cigarette every now and then. But it’s interesting to note that both Hollywood and celebrities have moved on from cigarettes. It’s rare these days to see a single Hollywood movie where a cigarette is smoked. Particularly, by the hero or the protagonist of the piece. Similarly, celebs are no longer caught outside enjoying a cigarette between takes. 

Instead, it’s far more common to see them vaping. Katy Perry and Leonardo Dicaprio are just two of the celebrities who have completely embraced this trend and it’s not hard to understand why. Sites like MBV provide a fantastic variety of different vape juice flavors that make this a great option for a lot of people. As well as this, unlike cigarettes, there is no evidence to suggest that vaping is bad for you at all. 

Time’s Up

Believe it or not, the Times Up movement did exist before Hollywood latched onto it. It was actually started to gain the support necessary for black women who were taken advantage of in their job. It wasn’t started so that Jennifer Lawrence could increase her pay from 42 million to 52 million. However, by embracing the movements, Hollywood threw it into the spotlight. Celebrities used it and this helped other people who had been unfairly treated or even abused come forward. Many people believe that the original meaning of the movement has been lost. 

However, without endorsements from celebrities, it would have faded away all too quickly. Thanks to Hollywood Times Up became an international battle cry and it may have helped trigger a change in various industries rather than just on the streets of Hollywood. 

Dad Bods Are Natural 

Jason Momoa was shamed for being fat after being caught having some downtime between films. Ben Affleck experienced the same type of shaming on a holiday with his family. However, the celebrities fired back and people rallied behind them. Suddenly, it was okay for celebrities and particularly celebrities known for playing superheroes to have natural looking bodies. It’s an important lesson because up until then many were desperate to achieve the impossible physiques of Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans. While Hemsworth has now started an exercise service to help people get his physique he has openly admitted in interviews he finds it nearly impossible to maintain it.

We hope this helps you see that there are words of wisdom from Hollywood worth listening to. Yes, they may live in a completely different world to our own. Even those with humble beginnings now have little to no idea about the struggles most people face. However, there are overlaps and times when the opinions of influencers can be important. 


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