3 Things To Do For Yourself This Month

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It can be easy to lose yourself a little this month, as there is always so much going on. You probably have a full social calendar, work projects that you desperately need to finish before the holidays and then there is everything that you need to do to prepare for the season. The days will no doubt be flying by, and there is a risk that you could end up running on empty. That is why today we wanted to share with you a few ideas to carve out some time for yourself, here are 3 things to do for yourself this month. 

Get some exercise

It can be so easy to just retreat into your warm cosy home at this time of year and forego any kind of exercise. The problem there is that you will find it twice as hard to get back into it again in the new year and you would be missing out on all of those feel-good hormones that rush around your body when you exercise. 

It is often the idea of getting ready and dragging yourself out that is the challenge, as you know that when you finally get there and exercise you will feel one hundred times better for it. That being the case, we would suggest that you arrange to meet a friend at the gym or the class to motivate you to actually go and do it. Alternatively, do not worry about leaving your home at all and get your exercise fix at home. 

There are thousands of free online classes and sessions you could try, or you could just crank your music up and dance around your house for half an hour.

Treat yourself

When was the last time that you hit the shops and bought yourself a few treats? Whether you are looking for plus size clothing, pampering bath products, a huge pile of books or the latest accessories, make this the month that you give yourself a little treat.

It need not be expensive, in fact you could have fun with this and set yourself a very strict budget and see what treats you can get for that amount.

For some of us, the idea of wandering around a bookstore for an hour alone is absolute bliss, so you could opt for a solo trip of indulgence, or you can make it a social thing and go along with a friend. You could stop for a coffee and a cake mid-shopping trip to really give yourself a treat.

Give something new a try

Trying new things can be a great experience and give you a boost. It is good for your confidence and self-esteem, and learning something new can be exciting and fun.

If you want to really push yourself outside your comfort zone, you might choose to enroll in a course, take evening classes or give some daredevil activities a go. 

You can ease yourself into something new by picking up a book to learn about it or watching a YouTube tutorial. This way you can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. 

Make this the month where you try one new thing and see where it takes you. 

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