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4 Costly Mistakes Luxury Home Sellers Make

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When selling your luxury home it is vital that you avoid these key mistakes. Costs for selling already run into the thousands and, if you want to save yourself a small fortune in real estate fees, then we suggest your follow our advice. Here are our top tips for avoiding the four biggest costly mistakes that sellers of luxury homes often make.

What Mistakes do Luxury Home Sellers Make?

You might think that those with a big budget for home buying are equally as knowledgeable when it comes to selling – but this isn’t the case! Many of us make mistakes when selling our high-end homes through a lack of experience and knowledge. Don’t panic! This is easily fixed – and the mistakes easily avoided…

Let’s take a closer look at the four key mistakes luxury home sellers make and hopefully we can all avoid them ourselves, in future!

The Top 4 Costly Mistakes in Luxury Home Sales

1 – Getting Too Attached

Getting too sentimental when it comes to selling is a mistake that all homeowners and sellers make – not just those of you lucky enough to be parting with luxury homes. Business Insider has some professional tips on how to disassociate your emotional state with your home, getting you back on track for seller success!

2 – Using Rubbish Photos

If your home is in disarray when the photographer comes then schedule for another day. Didn’t hire a professional photographer? What on Earth are you doing? Shots of your rooms with a phone camera will not work. Get a cleaner to straighten the place up and hire a real photographer. Better yet, get a real estate agent to list your property. You will make more because your property will be presented in a professional light.

3 – Overestimating Home Value

Forbes rate over and under-pricing the value of your home as one of the top three mistakes made by home sellers. Before you sell you should closely examine the market in your area. Check what houses in your neighbourhood that are a similar size sold for. Accumulate as much data as you can before you commit to sale. It will all serve to work in your favour!

4 – Not Hiring the Professionals

You wouldn’t try to mend a leaking tap yourself – so why skip the Realtor when selling your home? Yes, we do charge a fee, yes, it is totally worth it. In most instances, the fees you pay your realtor will be made back during the sale as you wouldn’t make as much if you were selling yourself. Want to take advantage of the tricks of the trade? Then don’t sell yourself or you might sell yourself short.

Final Thoughts

To help you avoid these costly mistakes luxury home sellers often make, it is a good idea to get a reputable realtor behind you. Contact us today here at Fortress Realty, the number one seller of luxury homes in Florida. All that stands between you and a full sale is knowledge – and as the most reliable seller of luxury homes on the market; knowledge is something we have by the bucket load.

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