4 No-Fail Fashion Tips to Get You Ready for the Holidays

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During this celebratory and joyous time of the year, your social life may seem like it’s hit full steam ahead as your calendar starts to fill up with invites to countless holiday parties. It can all be a little overwhelming — and that’s before you even start thinking about what you plan to wear to each festive event.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could splurge on a new outfit for every occasion? There wouldn’t be a need to recycle the same two dresses or pull your hair out trying to come up with the perfect look each time. But since most of us aren’t made of money, we have to strike a balance between being financially responsible with our holiday wardrobe and still feeling excited and inspired every time we stare into our closet.

In need of some ideas to get you ready for the holidays? Here are four professional styling tips that will have your fashion ensembles hitting the high notes as you rock each holiday soirée this year.

1. Sparkles

Sequins? Glitter? Rhinestones? Take all things sparkly for a ride, because there isn’t a time of year better suited to shine than this one. Now, you don’t have to bedazzle yourself from head to toe. Instead, if you want to add a bit of subtle sparkle, try doing it with accessories such as shoes or barrettes, which can add a bit of high glam to an otherwise sensible look.

2. Va-Va-Velvet

This soft and luxurious fabric is perfect for any holiday ensemble. When worn in the right hue — think emerald green or deep plum — it perfectly solidifies holiday appropriateness. Velvet looks great whether you choose jewel tones, crushed or patterned varieties. Try it in dress form, as a blazer or even as a light accent on the bottom of tailored trousers. When it comes to festive occasions, this shimmering fabric goes together just as well as Radio City and the Rockettes — truly the perfect pairing for all your holiday outfits.

3. Little Black Dress

If you’re looking for a no-fail festive party look, a little black dress will do the job and then some. First off, this little number looks great on everyone. Not to mention, it can be dressed up or down with accessories to make for the perfect holiday party outfit. Add red, green or gold scarves; festive tights; or statement jewelry and voilà — you can easily reinvent your look time after time, no matter how many celebrations cover your calendar.

Pro tip: Gifting the perfect little black dress to your bestie, who’s always stressing about what to wear, could also win you the title of “Best Friend for Life” for stamping out her wardrobe woes this holiday season.

4. Denim

Hear us out — we love our jeans, too! But for this year’s celebration circuit, stash your skinnies and challenge yourself to try a new look in the name of a less casual, more festive look. Look for something to style your outfit that adds a bit of interest. Some ideas include wide-leg trousers, tapered pants with a metallic stripe or even a full-on pleated skirt that can serve as a stand-in.

Let Your Best Self Shine This Holiday Season

Remember: While having versatile clothing options can help reduce the stress you feel when it comes to prepping for holiday parties, the chicest accessory you can bring to any get together is your self-confidence. So, pick items that make you feel sexy and sassy, and let your best self shine no matter the occasion.

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