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4 Things Small Businesses Should Outsource in 2020

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As we move into 2020 we should really stop for a moment and reflect on just how incredible the progress is we are making in technology. It has helped reshape our world forever especially for business. The tech industry is constantly helping businesses move quicker, operate more efficiently, increase production and saving us money. 

As a small business trying to make it in 2020 there are thousands of options that can help you grow quickly whilst keeping your balance sheet intact. Here are 4 areas of your business that you should be considering to outsource in 2020.

  1. Content Marketing

In 2020, if you have a small business that does not have a solid online presence you simply do not have a chance at surviving. Content marketing is absolutely integral to your success but can be daunting for those of us not skilled in the area. 

Luckily for small businesses, it’s never been easier to find great freelance marketers using a number of online tools. Websites such as Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer can help you find amazing marketing personnel in no time. 

You can benefit from a marketing professional who works on a project by project basis saving you money whilst simultaneously building your business presence online.  

  1. IT Services

Let’s face it, IT issues can be incredibly frustrating, time-consuming, money-wasting and most of all boring. As a small business, you don’t want to waste your time on IT issues and you definitely don’t require a full time IT department. 

So why not outsource your IT to a group of professional IT consultants? This way you only pay for the services you require, you eliminate the need to hire full time IT staff and you can get 24/7 support from IT professionals at the click of a button helping you to focus on your core work.

  1. Accounts

As a small business, you may not need the full abilities of an accountant or accounts department. Similarly, you can’t devote lots of time to your bookkeeping either. You don’t want to spend your time ‘task-switching’ as this is highly unproductive and effects the success of your business distracting you form your primary work. 

Instead, relieve the stress of accounting and outsource your bookkeeping needs. This way you get access to the most professional accounting personnel who can handle your accounting needs is an easy and efficient manner. 

  1. Assistant

If you are constantly on the go, attending meetings and are generally here, there and everywhere why not hire a freelance assistant? You don’t need an assistant sat back at the office all day waiting for your instructions, you can hire a Virtual Assistant or VA. 

A VA works remotely from home who can complete all your administrative, scheduling and planning tasks in their own home. With modern technology, it is easy to stay in touch, up to date and have video calls to stay organized. Cloud-based software such as Slack or Google Suite can help keep all your information, docs and communication centralized. 



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