5 Handy Tips to Keep Your Tie Clean

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Ties are at the focal point of every man’s appearance. They help to elaborate the clothes by giving them life and color. They can be used to make good impression in meetings, job interviews, to impress a to-be father in law or to simply have a good appearance. But they should be worn by neatly and uniformly to be able to impress anyone.

However, if you’ve experienced wearing a tie before, you will know how difficult it can be to keep it clean and tidy at all times. These things swing out of reach faster than you can ever get hold of them. They travel in soups, salads, cold drinks and just anything they fancy going into and can leave you in a state of utter embarrassment. But not to worry, as you can now have complete control over the cleanliness and present-ability of your tie with the below carefully researched and constructed a list of useful tips.

Keep a Good Posture While Eating

A good posture goes a long way than just providing you with a good figure; it can also protect your tie from getting stained. When you have a straight back and levelled shoulders, even if your tie has to travel over a food item in a situation where you might have to pass something to another person at the end of the table. When you’re at parties, you can avoid getting your tie stained by accidentally dumping it in drinks by practicing good posture.

Put on a Tie Clip

If you want to keep your tie in a clean and presentable state during work or meetings, then you must invest in invisible tie stay. These clips attach your tie with your shirt and prevent it from getting out of reach to get destroyed in a food scene. They help to keep ties away from disasters that can make them dirty easily.

Don’t Let the Stain Stay

If by chance a food item or a beverage gets to land on your tie, you need to get it out as soon as possible to prevent it from leaving a stain. Wash it instantly after you get a spill on it. You can do this by a handheld solution like a detergent pen or with a little soap and baking soda. Your tie matters a lot as it is an expensive piece of tiny clothing and it’ll be challenging to find that exact shade again, so remember to always take good care of it.

Take It Off After Coming Home

Arriving home from work for you may mean that you can lay on your beloved sofa and watch your favorite shows until you fall asleep in your work clothes. But do you know how much damage it can do to your tie? Tremendous! Your tie will suffer a lot as it is sandwiched between you and your sofa a few times. It will get wrinkled and knotted and maybe catch a few stains from things on your couch. So always get it removed first and hang vertically on a surface to avoid making it unclean.  

Store It Neatly

Whenever you wash your tie, be sure to place in a vertical surface to let them dry without getting wrinkled. Also you can put them up by clips to not let them fly away in the wind when you put them outside. After it is completely dried you can bring it in separately from your other laundry and gently fold it. For folding you can take precautions by not sharply turning the sides to get wrinkles or lines on it. When it’s folded and ready to be stored, you can place it in a distinct drawer to not get them jumbled up with other items and lose them.


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