5 Things You Can Learn from Past Life Regression Experience

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What can past life regression experiences teach you about yourself and the world around you? Find out with this guide to past life regression.

If you ask the average person about their previous life experiences, most people would look at you cross-eyed and confused. However, this is not always the case, because according to some people, past life regression experiences are real. Past life regression therapy involves using a special form of hypnosis to reveal memories of the past. This is not the past of your current life, we are talking about the past experiences in previous lives you had before this one. 

Many people disregard their past life visuals as illusions, when in fact, this is your intuition guiding you based on your previous lessons from other lives. So, if past life regression experiences are real, what is the purpose of using this therapeutic technique and what can we learn from it? Keep on reading to learn more about past life regression, and how you will benefit from knowing your past life story.

1. Breaking the Linear Mindset

Many people think of life as a timeline, that you just keep moving forward and learn as you go. While part of this may be true, the entirety of it is not. For example, you could have been a saint or hero in one lifetime, then in the following life, you may have been a murderer. To the linear belief, this is unfair, but the universe will always give you what you need in order to learn the appropriate lessons to achieve expansion in your soul. Ultimately, no lesson is more important than another, they are all part of the bigger puzzle towards more compassion, growth, and enlightenment.

2. You Will Have Many Soulmates

It’s time to break the belief that you have one true soulmate that is yours, and yours forever. You will have many soulmates that serve a purpose in your life to teach you a lesson. You could be with one soulmate who, during your relationship, you learn more self-compassion. Then you could have another soulmate who teaches you more compassion towards others. 

3. You Direct Your Karma

Once you learn to release the shame, guilt, or regret from an experience, you also learn how to release the karmic energy associated with it. The whole purpose of Buddhism practicing non-judgment is so that they can release the karmic energy that holds them back from expanding. Once you learn to let go of the emotions attached to an event, you begin to learn the lesson and end the hamster wheel of karma.

4. The Universe Will Always Know Better

If you think that you can outsmart the Universe, think again. It will keep tabs on what you do, and give you the lessons you need in your next life. Your natural state is love, and the Universe will do what it can to make sure you experience that properly.

5. Believing is Everything

Being a creature of western mentality, it can be hard to hold back the skeptic thoughts about whether past life regression experiences are real. Read more about the facts and benefits to help you believe in the power of this modality. This mindset will only hold you back from getting the full experience. Surrender fully into the therapy, and you will gain wisdom that will last you for lifetimes to come. 

Past life regression experiences are not always enjoyable, you may experience a memory from a very traumatic event. Just remember to use that memory as an understanding of who you are now and grow with it. If you liked this article, check out more like it in the lifestyle section of our blog.

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