5 Tips to Help You Find Inner Peace

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  • In a world filled with many many complex emotions, responsibilities, trials, and tribulations finding inner peace can feel near impossible. So many of us exist in a cloud of internal and external chaos and can benefit from taking the time to work on our own internal feeling so that we can better take on the challenges we face on a daily basis. So here are five tips to help you find your own sense of inner peace. 
  • Practice gratitude
    It can be all too easy to focus on what we lack in our lives and forget what we already have. The simple practice of gratitude can help to bring perspective to difficult situations and to help us realize the many positive things that we have right in front of us. Try keeping a gratitude journal and writing down 3 things that you are grateful for each day or when faced with a difficult situation spin it on its head and be grateful for the challenge put in front of you.  
  • Be mindful
    We live in a digital world which can make it very hard to live in the present. So many of us are focused on events that happened in the past or those that are happening in the distant future which can cause us to worry about things we really needn’t be focusing on. To bring yourself back to the here and now try and practice mindfulness as often as you can throughout the day. Focus on your breathing and connect with the present to appreciate what is happening around you this very second.  
  • Resolve your past
    Past grievances are a major barrier to finding a sense of self sanctuary. Try and put any past grievances to bed by talking them through with a counselor or therapist and where possible with the individual that they involve themselves. To find inner peace it’s important to live your life with no regrets, so try and notice a regret as it is forming and put it to bed as soon as possible.
  • Learn from others
    There’s no shame in admitting that there are many people out there with more experience of the world than you have, so learn from them and let them guide you. Find yourself an ambassador of peace and listen to their teachings, let them share their wisdom and try to absorb as much of their experience as possible so that you can apply it into your own life. The concept of inner peace is not one that comes naturally to many people, so take advantage of the help and guidance offered by others. 
  •  Always be honest Honesty really is the best policy whether it is with yourself or with others. Lies breed regrets and can hinder your journey to finding inner peace. Try to remain honest with yourself about your feelings and then project honesty onto others in all areas of your life. There may be situations when masking the truth feels like an easy way out but this will usually come back to hinder you in the long run. 

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