7 Tips on how to make your Instagram account stylish

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Everyone around is instantly talking about Instagram promotion: the right interaction with the audience and a single visual style. There are also plenty of sales guides which offer you to get followers or likes. Top states and famous people share personal photos with their fans. We can’t imagine their accounts without high-level photo-editing. Many celebrities do it in Picmonkey. In case you get a chance to read Picmonkey review, you’ll understand if it’s right for you. 

The most famous brands even manage to arrange castings on their thousands of pages! Maybe it is all about the abundance of photo content, a great choice of filters, or increased publicity, or it is in a friendly, almost family atmosphere between users. One thing can be said – brands can safely go to this social network. Though nearly all promotion methods are useful, firstly, you should understand how to make your Instagram beautiful to attract people visually. 

You have to think about colors, quality of photos, compliance, style, and layout. What is that?

A good layout has two main criteria:

  • compliance with brand identity
  • compliance with specific patterns that work on visual appeal and improve the perception

Brand identity

The corporate identity of any brand usually consists of the following elements:

  • logo
  • color palette
  • fonts and typography
  • background and graphic elements
  • icons and pictograms
  • style of illustrations and images

Compliance with certain patterns

The main rule: no one forbids you to come up with new options for designing a profile, combine them and apply to any elements – arrange text, colors, specific templates, or compositions of your posts according to these schemes. So, what are the design options for profiles?

  1. Single color palette

If in the profile all the photos are completely different and there is no single concept, this option is perfect. The only thing required is to think about how the images will be combined and look together. For example, you can create a profile in one color scheme.

However, if you have not just a traveler’s blog, but a marketing page, this will not be enough. The user must have something to catch on. To do this, use the standard principles of composition, which are usually used for subject shooting.

Any correct composition has:

  • focus point – an object on which you want to focus, for example, your product;
  • props – objects surrounding it, which create a plot and atmosphere and, if correctly positioned, direct their eyes to the focus point;
  • negative space – the background where the gaze rests. On the one hand, it gives space for gaze, makes the frame less overloaded, and on the other hand, gives it style and atmosphere. 

The same compositional elements can be considered in relation to the profile as a whole. For example, use subject photos as focus points, lifestyle photos with your product as “props” and thematic/entertaining content as negative space. The product can be depicted even in every picture. Still, depending on how it is photographed and what role it plays in the frame, the image as a whole concerning the profile will play one of the above purposes: focus point, props, negative space. You can also focus on flowers. For example, let the focus points be bright and the negative space neutral shades.

  1. Place content diagonally

This method is one of the simplest and most commonly used types of layouts. Place text and photos with similar content or composition on the diagonal. 

  1. Checkerboard content

Everything here is as simple as in the previous paragraph. Nevertheless, this looks attractive.

  1. Content placement with thematic blocks

You can also add dividing strips with the title of this block to thematic blocks. The option is perfect for those who use Instagram as a sales tool and rarely update their profile.

Usually, in response to a proposal to lay out content in thematic blocks, you can hear fears that it will annoy users when you start laying out separation posts. Due to the archiving, this point can be easily circumvented.

How to do it?

  • Lay out the posts of the separation block and archive them immediately.
  • After some time (preferably from a few days to a week), return these posts from the archive (they will appear in your profile, but will not appear in the user feed).
  • Then simply post content related to this block.
  1. Placement of content in lines

Thanks to this layout, you can tell your story to users. And they can read it like a book, line by line, from left to right. By the way, many large brands use this layout — for example, Bentley.

  1. Placing content in vertical lines

Make a contrast line from your posts and place it vertically in the center or side. It will pull users along, forcing them to plunge deeper into your profile. You can also line up all your content.

  1. Gradient content placement

With this layout, all photos should contain bright color accents that will gradually and smoothly replace each other, flowing one into another. You can upload pictures with colored stripes, observing the order of using colors in the rainbow.

The main thing is that all transitions are smooth. For example, in one photo, the predominant color is pink, and in the next, you want the main one to be green. In this case, make sure that the photo with the green color also contains pink, but in a small concentration.

  1. Placement of content in the form of a puzzle

To do this, you need to make a whole picture, and then break it into parts. The main thing is that each detail should look like an independent image and carry a specific semantic load.

How to increase the number of subscribers when your Instagram has already become beautiful?

 Look at the accounts of your friends, write out everyone who has more than 1000 subscribers. Write to them with a request to recommend your page. The main thing is not just to mark the profile, but to call the audience. 

If your friends do not have significant amounts of subscribers, find similar pages (not direct competitors, but related fields). For example, if you are engaged in children’s photography, you can be recommended by a brand that makes children’s toys, organizes children’s parties, or a profile of a local “development” for tots.

With a personal brand, it is a little easier, people are more willing to trust other people, and looking at someone else’s life is still fun. But do not believe the illusion that any profile is suitable for mutual advertising. Be especially careful about what you place on your profile so that you don’t scare the audience away with an abundance of advertising at the very beginning.

Follow the tips above, use even remarkably free or low-cost methods, and you will get your first 1000 subscribers. It is much simpler than it seems.

But what to do next to speed up the process, get more subscribers, keep the audience, and make it loyal?

  • Use Stories. You can post about 2-7 stories per day. You should find content for stories systemically. Fresh studies show that both brands and personal accounts get more reach in this way and engage the audience better.
  • Do not try to be perfect. Live photos and videos on your smartphone, natural environment, normal lighting – all this makes you closer to the audience, so people feel that you are the same as they are.
  • Show personality. Even if you are developing a brand page, real people are behind it. Show yourself, your team, customers. Such publications do not just look more organic. They get more likes, comments, higher coverage, allow you to get more new subscribers.

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