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9 Great Ideas to Modernize Your Walls

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Walls represent a place’s time that is filled with memories. These walls say a lot about a home and the people that use it every day. Blank walls give off a perspective of dull residents, while walls filled with art or that which are decorated can tell a different story about the people that use it every day. 

To make your home look beautiful and also give off an artistic and meaningful touch, you can try some of the best techniques to refresh your walls. A sufficient handful of them is listed below.

Giant Windows

Windows contribute abundant house ventilation and give it a fresh look. However when these frames are gigantic that cover all of your walls, they provide you with a great view as well as make your wall look inventive. You can further decorate them by setting up pots and hanging crafts from top.

Art Gallery Touch

This is a popular method of reinventing your walls, as you can purchase a few inexpensive and meaningful paintings and hang them on a wall in an art gallery-like way. You can get them in matching colors with your upholstery or in contrast with it. 

Hang Plates

To make your place give a homey feeling, you can hang antique plates or a set of your most favorite ceramics that can match your interior. 

Place Pots

A wall decorating trend is also to hang plants from walls. These plants can be installed into your walls by wall mounts to give your space a greener touch. Your house will feel like a garden and be a source of constant fresh air.

Dangle Craft

An alternative to hanging paintings is by decorating your walls with crafts. You can hang items of wool, colorful paper crafts, baskets, tapestry, and dreamcatchers and finish with incorporating the area with lights. 

Inspiring Wall-filling Art

A wall decorated with art that embraces it entirely and provides an image that is both modern and touching is a great way to fill your space. You can add wallpapers containing different designs and paintings. There is a wide range of murals you can choose from provided by various suppliers online. You can browse catalogues and choose from scenic, abstract, animals or space wallpapers to add to your wall.  


Just like a gallery of paintings, you can add a corridor of huge and tiny mirrors. They offer an area a broader and brighter aspect. These mirrors can be hung alone or paired with mirrors that have symmetrical shapes, or you can try hanging them with paintings to have a bit of both.

Add Pieces of Floorings

Adding rugs is a wall decorating fashion that has been in the run since ancient times, invented to give your house a cozy and cultural touch. These rugs come in various types and from different parts of the world, having diverse designs and vibrant colors to match the internal.  

Install Shelves

Shelves don’t only provide you space to place books and pieces of décor like vases and statues, but they can also give a modern and presentable touch to your area. You can have them installed in different ways and color coordinate them with other walls.

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