A Guide To The Dos & Don’ts Of Christmas Cold Turkey

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Cold turkey is more than a piece of meat – it’s an expression. And, both meanings are incredibly significant during the festive period. You can’t have Christmas without a turkey – and maybe decorations – but you don’t want too much of it in case it impacts your health and lifestyle. See, there’s a reason this big bird splits so many families down the middle on the 25th of December.

Still, there’s no reason to fret. At this point and being so close to Christmas Day, it won’t do anyone any good. No, what you need is a guide to the cold turkey do’s and don’ts so that you don’t come unstuck.


Do: Eat It For Leftovers

Let’s take cold turkey in its purest form: meat leftover from your Christmas dinner. God, there’s loads of it and it isn’t going anywhere fast. Plus, what with all the other delights in the fridge, you probably won’t get around to it for a good while. However, tucking into the excess pigs in blankets and ham hock isn’t going to help your waistline, particularly if exercise is off the agenda. The beautiful thing about cold turkey is that it’s one of the leanest meats available, and you’ve got it in bulk. So, if you insist on indulging, opt for this clucking, Christmastime delicacy.

Don’t: Use It For New Year’s Resolutions

Can you hear that? It’s the tick-tock of the clock as 2020 approaches. Quickly; come up with some things you want to achieve and swear that your resolve won’t fail by February. The problem with resolutions for New Year’s is that they encourage an all-out approach, and it’s unhealthy. If you’re going to try to give up anything, you should use tried and tested methods. A medical detox program is excellent for substance issues, but if your goals are less severe, taking baby steps should suffice. Remember that going cold turkey makes giving up more likely.

Do: Go Cold Turkey On Consumerism

If there’s one thing you might want to go cold turkey on, it’s Christmas consumerism. Every year, the hype whips the public into a mad frenzy of gift-buying, and, frankly, it’s stressful. That’s why you let out a massive sigh of relief after the 25th. You can undoubtedly do without the extra tension at such as hassle some time of year, which is why you need to target consumerism. Giving presents is part of the process, yet there’s no reason to focus on people’s levels of satisfaction. Instead, pay attention to the fact that you’re doing a good deed and that’s what counts.

Don’t: Feel Bad

If anything, you should feel smug. After all, your approach to Christmas is going to stop you from worrying while tweaking your bad habits and picking up positive ones along the way. Therefore, you have every reason to feel warm and fuzzy inside. Your cold turkey Christmas regime is going to crack the hardest nut of them all. 

Hark! The herald angels sing, Glory to the new-born king!


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