Boosting Your Health In 2020 (Psst.. It’s Not All Nutrition & Exercise)

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The start of a new decade is the perfect time to finally regain control of your health. For millions of people across the land, this will mean joining a gym and learning to love salads. Those elements will provide a foundation for success. Still, you must learn to accept that your health is about much more than your body size and fitness levels.  

If you truly wish to enhance your life in 2020 by investing in your health, the following information is just for you. 

Focus On Your Mental State 

The understanding of mental health has shot through the roof in recent times. Moreover, maintaining the right mindset will spur you onto success in all other ambitions. This expends beyond health-related goals to impact every aspect of your life.  

It’s not only people experiencing anxiety and depression that need to think about this either. Simple things such as your outfit can impact your mood while getting a good night’s sleep is for everyone. You cannot guarantee that every day will be a good one, but learning to reduce stress will significantly boost your wellbeing. 

If your mental health isn’t in a good place, anything you do in relation to physical health will seem redundant. Therefore, your mental health deserves immediate attention. 

Consider Your Surroundings  

Investing in healthy eating and regular exercise is a little futile if your surroundings cause your health to suffer. Keeping your home clean is imperative. Or else, bacteria will enter your body through eating contaminated foods and breathing in polluted air.  

In addition to cleaning the home with antibacterial cleaning agents, you must be vigilant to signs of damp. Mold spores can lead to breathing problems, especially for infants an the elderly. Understanding the different types and how to rid your home of them is essential. A nicer home will aid your mental health too. 

While the home deserves your greatest attention, you must consider workplace threats too. Your boss should take precautions anyway, but you must still take personal responsibility. 

Protect Your Senses 

All of the human senses have a significant impact on your health and general quality of life. However, it’s your eyesight and hearing that deserve the greatest level of attention. Without them, everything from your safety to human interactions can suffer.  

Booking regular eye tests and hearing tests is essential for everyone, even when you think things are fine. Meanwhile, you should take precautions depending on your lifestyle. If you work in construction or music production, for example, it’s vital that you wear ear defense items. Otherwise, gradual hearing loss is almost certain. 

On a similar note, if you spend long spells in front of a screen, you must take regular breaks. Blue light blocking glasses are available too. 

Open Wide For Oral Health 

A winning smile isn’t only the most desirable physical feature. It’s also a very accurate barometer of your health. A host of general health issues can originate from the mouth, which is why you must adopt a winning hygiene routine. This includes brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. 

However, it’s not only the war against plaque and gum disease that should be consider. Wisdom teeth can cause serious problems including pain, discomfort, and damage to other teeth. Finding an experienced surgical dentist to remove them safely can make a world of difference. Leaving the issue untreated will only cause further damage.  

Given the importance of the mouth for communication, eating, and breathing, this isn’t an issue you can afford to overlook. 

Quit Bad Habits 

New Year’s Resolutions regularly revolve around quitting bad habits. If there’s only one of the traditional resolutions that you wish to bring forward into the new decade, this is the answer. After all, the impacts of avoiding pitfalls is as powerful as adding positives to your world.  

The most common habits to give up include smoking, excessive drinking, and substance abuse. Help is now available in a wide range of sources, including online support for those that fear seeing a local specialist. When combined with a genuine sense of self-belief and confidence, there’s every chance that you will succeed.  

In truth, the success of achieving this goal will give you the encouragement needed to achieve other health-related goals. 

Respect Limitations 

If you plan to increase your fitness in 2020 and beyond, you are not alone. However, it is equally common for individuals to cause more damage than good by doing too much. Sadly, this often results in long-term regression and potentially irreversible damage. 

Appreciating the physical limitations isn’t solely about your fitness, either. You may have an injury or existing condition that means you shouldn’t do certain exercises. Adapting your physical activities accordingly will protect your well-being. And bring better physical upgrades. Similarly, supportive attire can significantly aid your cause. 

It is also important to set achievable targets. Success breeds success while failure will encourage to abandon healthy living altogether. 

Keep The Brain Active 

We all know the saying “healthy body, healthy mind”. However, the reverse statement is equally true and a healthy mind will support a healthy body. Human nature dictates that we want to be mentally stimulated and challenged. Therefore, it’s vital that you feed your mind. 

Challenging yourself in your career or with a side hustle is great. However, puzzle games and recreational tasks can be equally positive. Aside from keeping the brain active, this is a key step for fighting the early signs of Alzheimer’s and degenerative brain conditions. In many ways, then, this protects your long-term health. 

Conversely, when you fail to keep the brain active, you will see changes in your physical health too. This can also harm your emotional wellbeing. Avoid it at all costs. 

The Final Word

Focusing on your health is a fantastic thing to do in 2020 and beyond. However, it’s vital that you do it in the right manner. Otherwise, you’ll only ever see limited results and will run the risk of falling back into your old ways. With the above tips at your disposal, though, you should be just fine. 


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