Driving This New Year? Here’s 8 Tips To Get You Through It!

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As we turn toward a New Year, you are going to be thinking about how you can celebrate. You’re going to want to go out with friends, and head to the nearest spots to cheer in the countdown. You’re going to accompany this with countdown cocktails and beer. You’re going to need to get home after all those celebrations, too. The problem? Many forget themselves when it comes to New Year in the name of celebrating and high spirits, and those good times can quickly come to a loud, screeching and crunching halt when someone gets behind the wheel of a car.

Alcohol-related car crashes increased in the twelve little hours between 6 pm on the 31st December, and 6 am on the 1st January. The statistics speak for themselves, and it’s well-known that if you are heading out to have a great time at New Year, drink and – in some cases – drugs are going to be used. The warnings go out every single year about the importance of sober driving, but they are still falling on deaf ears. You should be able to go out at New Year with your friends and avoid having to look up motor vehicle accident law because you were involved in a collision. Whether you are a victim of someone else’s driving drunk, or you are the cause, you need to be vigilant on the road this New Year’s Eve. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best tips for a safe and healthy and happy New Year’s Eve.

Always Have A Designated Driver

You don’t have to stay at home on New Year’s Eve if you don’t want to; you can still go out and have a good time. Always draw straws with your friendship group and choose a designated driver to get everyone safely home. You may find that your local bars and restaurants offer discounts to designated drivers on non-alcoholic drinks as well as responsibility rewards. A designated driver will ensure that you get home safely, as they have their wits about them on the road. They’re also better at reacting to other drivers and their behavior!

Uber, Anyone?

You’ll always find taxis hard to come by on New Year’s Eve and far too expensive, but that doesn’t mean that services from Uber and Lyft will be costly. Plus, when you catch an Uber, you can bet your friends will pool in with you, and you can all share the cost and the journey together. The expense during a holiday is always worth it, anyway, as they’re going to keep you safe.

Get A Room

Are you planning to head into town for a night on the tiles? Well, it can be beneficial for you to plan in advance and book a hotel close to the center for you to spend the night in. You could sleepover with friends, too, if they have the space. House parties are always a better New Year’s Eve option, as you would be able to stay the night and party right where you are. So, no matter how many drinks you have, there’s going to be somewhere safe to sleep. If you’re hosting, take everyone’s car keys as they enter the house as long as they’re not a designated driver. This way, you are doing your bit to keep everyone else on the road safe, too. You won’t be liable if a guest drinking in your home ends up crashing their car!

Tow Away

Are you stumbling out of a party and feeling too drunk to drive? Good on you for realizing it’s not a good idea. You should have a tow service on standby on your phone to come and tow your car home for you. If you can’t get a tow, leave the car where it is and collect it when you’re safe to drive.

A Bar Paying for Your Cab?

Did you know that in some areas a bar will call you a cab, and pay for it? Usually, this is to alleviate them of any liability if you leave drunk and get into an accident. Still, it’s a service of which you should consider taking advantage if you know you’re going to be out late. Give some bars and clubs a call before you go and see if it’s a service that they offer.

Staying In Is The New Going Out

If you have children – especially teenagers – make a plan to do something with them in the house. If your older teens want to host a house party, let them have friends over and make sure that they are of drinking age before you give any alcohol! The drinking age varies from place to place, but in America, it’s 21! Staying in and having a good night could be the safest option all around.

Buy A Breathlyzer

Easy enough to come by online, you can buy a breathalyzer to check your blood alcohol levels. If you breathe into it and see that your blood alcohol content is over the legal limit, you can call for a ride!

Be Vigilant

If you see someone impaired get behind the wheel of their car, or you witness erratic behavior on the road, call the police. It’s your business to keep everyone safe as much as it is to keep yourself safe!

Going out at New Year is supposed to be a good, fun time for everyone. You don’t necessarily need to have a drink (or take drugs) to have a good time, but if you prefer to have alcohol on a night out with your friends, do it responsibly. Make your plans when you’re sober so that you are not at risk of making decisions that could change the course of your life forever. Have a happy and healthy New Year’s Eve, so that you can begin 2020 as well as you can without starting it off on a wrong note. Start the year as you mean to go on.


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