Flying Private? Here are a Few Things You Need To Know

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Are you considering flying private? If yes, welcome to the world of private air charter! More people are choosing to go private thanks to the many benefits it brings—comfort and luxury, safety, and avoiding last-minute cancellations, just to name a few.

When you want to do something for the first time, you usually seek advice from those who have done it. You want to have the best experience and to possibly avoid any errors that others may have made. Are you ready for some valuable tips? Below are several things you should have in mind when you are thinking about flying private.

Manage your expectations

You alone know what you want to see or experience on your first private trip. Maybe you have seen photos of people who have traveled private or you have heard stories, and you are hoping to get the same experience. While private travel has become highly competitive, the cost may not have changed as much. This is because to own, maintain, and place a flight crew is expensive. Be sure that you can afford your private flight. 

Ultimately, you get what you pay for. Flying private means convenience, luxury, security, and safety. It is better to pay a higher price for a safe and secure aircraft rather than try to save some money by taking flights on old and outdated aircrafts. 

Know when to get the best deals

Private airplanes move around a lot as opposed to commercial planes. Operators want a lot of business and that means these planes will be in the air in a moment’s notice. While prices do fluctuate once in a while, the best way to get a great deal is to book a flight a week or two in advance. 

Do your research

Private flights are usually one-way, which is a great thing as you do not have to go through the inconvenience of connecting between flights to reach your destination. As much as that is a good thing, it also means that a pilot would possibly be overwhelmed by the long flight and require a second hand. That is where a second pilot comes handy. If you feel the need for that extra margin of safety (which you should), ensure that you ask your airline whether they will be an extra pilot on board. 

Speaking of safety, you should also find out the owner and operator of the plane you intend to take and their record. Additionally, find out if the flying pilots have the mandatory experience with the conditions of the airport you will be flying to.

There are luggage limits too

Flying private is by no means a ticket to carrying whatever you like on your flight, there are luggage limits too. Charter companies have luggage limits, so ensure you know these while booking your flight. Ensure you weigh your luggage so that it does not pas the required limits as you may have to leave it behind. It is never safe for a plane to take off when there is too much weight on board; hence it is necessary to abide by the luggage regulations. 

Additionally, if you plan to travel with your pets, confirm with the airline first and know their policy on traveling with pets. 

Which documents should you carry?

You will need similar documents to those you would use if you were traveling on a commercial flight. The difference is that the process will be much more seamless and faster. For international flights, you would need a passport, while your identification card (ID) or driver’s license will work for a domestic flight.

Your flight provider can advise you about the documents you would need for your flight including if a visa will be necessary. As for the process of obtaining the documents, you have to check that with the authorities in your country. 

While flying private is more expensive than taking a commercial flight, it is the way to go to get the most out of your money. You will arrive at your destination much faster and enjoy the privacy that you have always dreamed of. 

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