How To Be The Best Man At Your Friends’ Wedding

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Your best friend is preparing for the most important day of his life, and he has selected you to handle the mammoth responsibility of being his best man. While your responsibilities for the big day will differ greatly from those of an ordinary groomsman, you may be quite uncertain as to what exactly might be expected of you. Furthermore, you are probably wondering how you would be able to exceed expectations to truly be the best man at the wedding. This ultimate guide will help you best understand your duties as the best man at your friends’ wedding.

Pre-Wedding Responsibilities

While you will be able to select a most appropriate gift by searching through personalized gems at the GroomsShop, gifting your best friend with something sentimental and impressive is just the start of your pre-wedding responsibilities as a best man. You will need to help the groom find his attire for the wedding day. What’s more, you will also be expected to assist with coordinating formalwear for groomsmen. Once you have successfully dressed everyone in the wedding party, you will have to move on to assist with finding appropriate and charming accommodation for groomsmen that may be staying in another area. 

Bachelor Party

After arranging all the finer details of the wedding and coordinating gifts from the groomsmen to the groom, you will be able to focus on planning the bachelor party. However, it is crucial to determine what would be suitable for the groom and what would not. Not every man would enjoy bottomless beverages and adult entertainment, which is why you should take into account the specifics of the grooms’ personality. Because the bachelor party is purely for the groom-to-be to have a great evening, you should sway from your own ideas of what the party should consist of to ensure the groom has a great time.

Wedding Day Responsibilities

When the big day finally arrives, you will need to act as the grooms personal assistant and keep an eye on the time to ensure the groom is not late. Your responsibilities on the day of the wedding are relatively similar to those of the maid of honor. You will need to have a best man speech prepared as well. In the hours leading up to the big moment, it will be your responsibility to welcome guests and hold the rings for safekeeping. It will also be your responsibility to keep tabs on the groomsmen to ensure they are always in the right place and behaving appropriately, which may mean keeping them away from their cellphones and any alcohol. Once you have given your toast and said your best man speech, which is your biggest responsibility, your responsibilities as the best man won’t end just yet. During the reception, you should collect the gifts and cards from guests and mingle with guests as well. Putting your best foot forwarding and acting as the host of the wedding is a great approach to be the best man at the wedding.

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