How to Live A More Sustainable Life

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Doomsday articles aside, we are all aware that our planet is in a dire state and needs some help from its inhabitants. You might think that “just one person” can’t make that much of a difference. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! While we can’t save the plant in one fell swoop, we can all certainly make small daily choices to slow down the progression. 

Here are some suggestions for how to live a more environmentally sustainable life. 

Use Alternatives to Plastic Bags

Plastic is basically the bane of the planet’s existence. Plastic doesn’t degrade. It simply ends up in the ocean suffocating marine life and floating on the surface. While there’s not much that you personally can do about the plastic already in the ocean, you can lessen how much continues to go in it! 

Try switching from plastic bags at the grocery store to reusable bags. You can even use alternatives to sandwich bags and plastic wrap, like SuperBee reusable beeswax wraps. 

Buy Sustainable Clothing 

“Sustainable clothing” means fabric that is made from eco-friendly resources, like recycled materials or grown fibers. Basically, it means clothes that come from natural sources and can be degraded. These materials are more expensive but buying sustainable clothing will lower your carbon footprint in the world.

It also means donating clothing and buying from second-hand stores to reduce new waste. Buying second-hand or taking hand-me-downs is the most affordable way to dress, and the planet will thank you!  

Use Your Car Less

Emissions from vehicles are taking their toll on the O-zone, not to mention polluting our breathing air. If you can, consider biking or walking to your destinations more often! You can even invest in an electric scooter if you live within a 2-4 mile radius of most of your frequented destinations. An added plus to this mode of transportation is: easier parking! 

Have you considered taking your public transit? You might start to enjoy time spent on the train or bus with that book you’ve been meaning to finish all year. 

Go Paperless

In 2020, getting paper bills in the mail is basically an inconvenience. Everything can be set up to auto-pay from your accounts, and nearly every service provides reminder emails when bills are due. Most paper bills are thrown away anyway. Switch to paperless billing to save the trees and reduce transportation of letters. 

Go for Reusable Products 

Many coffee shops will offer a discount for using a reusable cup. Consider carrying a reusable straw and silverware to reduce on plastic cups, straws, and cutlery waste. While it may seem menial, everyday use of plastic utensils and straws certainly adds up. If everyone cut down on their usage every day, the level of waste would reduce dramatically! 

Conserve Water

As our nation faces unprecedented droughts and water shortages, be conscientious of your water consumption. Take shorter showers, fix any leaks, and choose high-efficiency appliances (if you have the option). And, for the love of everything, don’t use bottled water! Studies have shown that there’s not that much difference between bottled water vs. tap water, and plastic bottles are a huge source of waste! 

Bottom Line

While it might be slightly inconvenient at first to convert to a sustainable life, there are plenty of ways to live happily and responsibly. You may think you’re not making much of a difference by changing a few life habits. But the truth is, if everyone made these little changes, the global impact would be huge! 

Take some initiative today and make the necessary steps to live a green life! 



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