How To Tell If Someone You Know Is Addicted To Meth

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Meth addiction is a severe condition that can wreck the life of the affected person. It is vital, therefore, that you can identify meth addiction and take steps to stop it from becoming more serious.

Would you be able to tell the signs of meth addiction at a distance? Could you help a friend or family member in need if they were struggling with drugs?

Meth addiction symptoms fall into several categories.

First, there are the physical symptoms that include things like drooping facial skin, sores on the face and body, and sudden outbreaks of acne. You may also notice the hallmarks of “meth mouth,” a change in the shape and condition of the mouth that can occur soon after a person starts abusing.

Second, there are the psychological effects. These can be devastating. A person currently experiencing a psychoactive episode can experience paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, and trouble remembering things.

Third, there are behavioral signs. Rejecting meaningful relationships and sneaking around are both hallmarks of a person in the throes of addiction. In the most severe cases, you might also notice the affected person stealing to pay for the habit.

Fortunately, with the right information, you can identify the signs of meth addiction before they progress to the point where they ruin a person’s life. Stepping in early is often the difference between nipping the problem in the bud and a life-long struggle.

See the following infographic for more information on the signs and symptoms of someone living with meth addiction.

Infographic design by Sante Center for Healing


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