Lie Down And Bling Out! Meaningful Ways To Treat Yourself 100%

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Feeling the stress? We all do on occasion. Life is tough but this means we need to focus on the good things. Giving yourself a pat on the back is fine, but giving yourself a little treat is even better. But when we are looking for the right treat, we have to remember that a massive bar of chocolate can make us feel worse, so what are the best ways to indulge yourself, and make yourself feel better without the guilt?

A Little Retail Therapy

Whether you have got a passion for jewels or something more modest, a little bit of retail therapy doesn’t mean you have to go spiraling into debt. Even if money is an issue, we can still buy a little something that will give us that buzz. Retail therapy doesn’t mean having bags hanging off every single inch of your arm, it can be about a book that you’ve been thinking about for a long time, but couldn’t justify getting it. Go buy it! Besides, if you don’t like it, you could return it and get the money back!

Book A Day Away From Work

You might have been saving up your vacation time so you can enjoy it all in one chunk, but a day to ourselves can be fantastically rejuvenating. Even if you haven’t had the opportunity to indulge in your passion recently, a day away means that you can laze around, do things at a slower pace, or if there’s pending life admin, spend the first couple of hours doing that, and then you have got the rest of the day to yourself! It doesn’t feel like a major treat when you have things to do, but this is why you need to split the day into two halves. And besides, you can still afford a lie in! Starting the day at a slower pace will work wonders.

A Long Bath

When we are forever rushing around, there’s no opportunity to stop and just be. Run that bath, and the bubbles, and just stay there for as long as humanly possible. Having that opportunity to relax in a warming bath is good for you, but you can make it a bit more indulgent with a glass of wine and a book, with some soft music plinking away in the background. It feels indulgent, but it’s one of the best ways to let all of your stresses go.

Eat That Meal!

Been on a diet recently? Take yourself out of the house, go down to your local cafe, and enjoy that meal you’ve been lusting after for the last few days! We feel so guilty that we’ve had something incredibly intelligent but it’s unlikely to make a difference on the weighing scale! Besides a little bit of what you fancy is good for you. When we are forever watching what we eat, it’s no fun! And we all fall off the wagon on occasion but we have to remember that this is a treat for ourselves. You can watch what you eat 80% of the time, but make that 20% as indulgent as possible!

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