Protect Your Property This Winter

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For homeowners and landlords, winter can increase the risk of flooding, leaks, infestations and a variety of other problems. Amidst the twinkling holiday lights and cheery carols, there are millions of homeowners spending their time repairing their properties. 

If you want to avoid the drama of a disaster this season, be sure to protect your property in advance. With these handy tips, you can reduce the risk of damage affecting your home and keep your property in great condition throughout the winter…

Inspect the roof

You may not notice missing roof tiles or cracked slates in summer and fall, but they’ll quickly become apparent when winter hits. If there’s any existing damage to your roof, the rain and wind are only going to increase the harm. Indeed, snow and rain will easily find its way to the interior of your property and could cause a significant amount damage. 

Add insulation

Your energy bills are likely to increase over winter, as you’ll be using more fuel or electricity to heat your home. Adding insulation or upgrading your insulation can dramatically reduce your energy usage and should, therefore, minimize your bills too. As well as improving your insulation, be sure to add weather stripping to your doors and windows. This is a cheap and easy way of preventing drafts and can make a considerable difference to the amount of energy you use. 

Check your drains

If there are any existing cracks in your pipes, you’ll want to get them repaired before winter really sets in. The cold weather can increase the risk of damage, so any existing issues are likely to be magnified. With help from professionals, like Sewer Drain Cleaning NYC, you can successfully repair your pipework with minimal hassle. As low temperatures could cause cracks to worsen, it’s important to repair them before they worsen.

In addition to this, you’ll want to check your guttering and remove any collected leaves and debris, so that they don’t block your drains and cause flooding when it rains outside. When water can’t travel through external drains, it’s going to sit in your guttering or spill over on to your roof and run down your walls, which will lead to damp, moss and mildew forming. 

Program your thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to control the temperature in your home, even when you’re not there. In winter, you probably don’t want to turn the heat off completely at any time because this could cause your pipes to freeze. On the other hand, you won’t want to pay for heating your home when you’re not there to get the benefit.

By programming your thermostat in advance or using a smart thermostat, you can maintain the perfect temperature at all times. 

Protect your home this winter

If you want to avoid costly repair bills in spring, take the time to protect your home this winter. With some minor checks and precautions, you’ll save yourself time, hassle and money and can enjoy the holiday season at your leisure. 

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