The 7 Most Painful Consequences of Drug Abuse

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We all know the ill effects of drug use, and even those abusing them have a pretty good idea of the toll they take on their bodies, but knowing is only half the battle. It is reported that over 7 million people suffer from illicit drug abuse, and there is a 25 percent chance that they will die due to their drug use.  

Drug abuse is growing at a rampant rate, and you may even know someone in your close relations, who is a drug addict. Therefore, to discourage this habit, we have compiled seven painful social, medical, and economic consequences of drug abuse.


  • Drug Abuse Ruins Your Health:


It is often said that health is wealth, but drug abuse robs you of this wealth in the most gruesome manner. It is associated with various medical conditions like cardiovascular diseases, various forms of cancer, and increased risk of HIV and Hepatitis.

Even one-time usage of such compounds can also result in deaths due to drug overdose.


  • Drug Abuse Can Jeopardize Your Career:


Even when taken in small quantities, drugs can seriously impair your judgment and the ability to make quick decisions. This results in workplace incompetence, and continuous addiction will lead to vices like lying, stealing, and excessive absences.  

You will be bound to lose your job as no employer can put up with an incompetent employee, let alone a drug addict.  


  • Drug Abuse Boosts Brain Anomalies:


Drug abuse severely impacts the mental health of the user as many cerebral abnormalities like hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia are boosted by these compounds. In some cases, the psychological effects of drug abuse continue to sustain even after the discontinuity of the drug. 


  • Drug Abuse Devours Your Finances:


We know that drugs are expensive, and abusing them requires constant cash flow. We just discussed that the drug addicts find it hard to hang on a job; therefore, it becomes challenging for them to keep sponsoring their addiction.


  • Drug Abuse Can Make You a Criminal:


There are numerous ways drug abuse pushes you into the criminal dimension. Be it stealing, driving under the influence, or assaults due to delusions. These are a few of the many ways by which drug addicts become criminals. 

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  • Drug Abuse Ruins Your Relationships:


All relationships, whether friendships or romantic bonds, are grown on the foundation of trust, but drug abuse leads the users to engage in deceit, lies, and theft. Therefore, it is hard to keep a relationship with this set of values.


  • Drug Abuse Hurts Your Community:


Drug addicts end up hurting strangers as well because of the criminal activities they undertake under the influence of drugs. Driving under the influence, robbery, and assault are some of the few ways drug addicts hurt innocent bystanders.


Therefore, we must realize that drugs are corrupt and do not only affect you physically and mentally but also have the potential to ruin the lives of those who do not have anything to do with drug addiction.

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