The ‘H Word’: Why Asking For Help Is Natural

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Help is a very human thing. Animals don’t necessarily help each other, they cooperate. Cooperation is different because you expect to achieve a shared goal. Therefore, you inherently expect something back in return. In other words, help is something we do for free without holding the person we helped to account for giving something in return. That’s perhaps why we feel it’s a bit of a stretch. Cooperation is seen more natural while help is seen as something a bit more drastic or going one step too far. But, that’s all wrong as helping others is a natural thing to do. We all help people in our lives with no loaded thoughts of waiting to get something ourselves. So why is it, that we often hesitate to ask for help when we know we need it? 

In the professional world

The common train of thought goes as such, if you ask your boss for help then he or she will think you’re incompetent. This can make you feel as if you’ll be put on the shortlist of who should be fired next. Wait right there and put yourself in the shoes of your boss. Hiring employees is a long process and you have to prepare for it. Then they have to be trained on your equipment and technology. It will take many months for the new hiree to fit in with the rest of the employees that already know each other. Why would you fire someone who is asking for help when they are trying to improve themselves and work harder and better for you? So the next time you feel anxious about asking your manager or team leader for help, keep this in mind. Asking for help when you need it is a good sign of any worthy employee.

A chaotic life

Do you ever feel like your life is spinning out of control? It just seems to be on a rollercoaster without brakes. There are countless reasons why this can happen but chief among them is when we start to take things we shouldn’t. Substances, for example, have a huge impact on not just our physical health but our psyche as well. You should never feel embarrassed about asking for help because society would rather you live a happy and productive life than to cast you aside. Connecting with a great heroin addiction treatment center will be one of the best things you ever did. Patients can receive a medical detox that slowly weens their bodies off this viscous substance and coupled with that is a number of therapy options. At the heart of your substance abuse, there’s a reason or more for it. The therapists will work with you to dig into the central cause of your decline.

It’s never easy to reach out and ask others for help. It can be a little nerve-wracking because you’re anxious about rejection. However, asking your boss for help so you can be a better employee makes total business sense. Asking for help for your substance problem is never something you should be fearful of.

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