The Health Benefits of Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery includes a range of procedures to restore or reshape parts of the body that have been injured or deformed. As opposed to elective cosmetic surgery, those who undergo plastic surgery do so out of necessity and a desire to improve their standard of life. The benefits of plastic surgery procedures are manifold, with modern surgical techniques capable of miraculous outcomes. The following is a list of common procedures, all available at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine, and their advantages to the health of the patient.


  • Breast Reconstruction


Breast cancer patients can be forced to undergo a mastectomy to remove cancerous tumours from the breast area. The surgery often requires the partial or complete removal of one or both breasts. After being cured or going into remission, women can choose to go down the route of breast reconstruction to rebuild the look and shape of the breast. With a high success rate, this procedure can help women resume their lives. Women who have had the surgery often report feeling confident enough to wear bras and swimsuits again, finding it easier to find clothes that fit them properly, and to generally feeling more positive about their bodies.


  • Excess Skin Removal


A common issue for people who have lost a significant amount of weight is feeling self-conscious about the folds of excess skin that remain in different parts of the body. A key part of rebuilding body-confidence can be to have the skin surgically removed by a medical practitioner. The process is very low-risk and can add the finishing touch to a person’s victory in the battle to reduce their weight to a healthy level. Patients have reported increased self-esteem and improved body image after undergoing the procedure.


  • Nose Realignment 


Another common plastic surgery procedure is nose realignment. It is not uncommon to be born with a nose that is not completely straight or to suffer a sports injury in which the nose is broken and moved to one side. Under most normal circumstances, a crooked nose does not pose any medical issues. However, on some rare occasions, the condition can cause a person to experience breathing problems, especially in places where air quality is already bad. Undergoing a relatively simple surgical procedure to straighten the nose can be successful in alleviating the issues, improving the patient’s quality of life.


  • Risks of Plastic Surgery


While the health benefits to plastic surgery are manifold, it is still important that a patient understands that all surgical procedures are accompanied by some degree of risk. Infection and other post-operation complication are rare. However, they can still occur, so all patients should weigh up the potential costs and benefits carefully before going ahead with plastic surgery. 

Other considerations are the potential psychological effects that a patient may experience in the period after plastic surgery. Issues such as depression and body dysmorphia are quite common, and precautions should be taken to mitigate any such condition before agreeing to go under the knife.

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