Top 5 EDM Festivals Around the World

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Music is the food of the soul. If your soul doesn’t get enough nutrients (music) to get it going with the daily grind of life, it can get dull and weary. In times when your soul feels like it has had enough of the tedious life, you should treat it with something refreshing. A music festival, or better, an EDM music festival is what it might need. An electronic dance music festival can help you energize and reach for the clouds as it entails relishing electronic music and never-ending feet movement. To fill your soul with high intensity by paying a visit to one or a few of the best EDM festivals listed below.

Ultra Music Festival

One of the best music festivals to happen in America is the Ultra Music Festival. It is said to be one of the oldest festivals to be going around in the world. The huge setup is located in Miami and functions in March of each year. As for the promising attribute of the Ultra Festival, several big names are invited to rock the people present. These can include Afrojack, David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Amelie Lens, Carl Cox, and Major Lazer. It is a widespread festival that has its wings throughout the world including in locations of Brazil, Korea and Buenos Aires.


As Las Vegas didn’t have already enough to offer in the party scene, an EDM music festival like exodus can have you going crazy all day and all night. Apart from the best Las Vegas nightclubs, exodus offers several occasions to party until you can’t move anymore. And the dress code is strict of swimsuit wear only as there will be fun in the water while you listen to music and dance. This festival has some big names to fill your soul with electrifying music, including, Diplo, Zedd, Alesso, Martin Garix, Tiesto and more.  

Electric Daisy Carnival

Another Las Vegas and one of the most significant scales EDM festivals on earth to take place is the EDC festival. Includes as many as eight stages and 1200 acres of land to run each year. It hosts the vast crowd with some of the most amazing live shows and carnival-themed platforms. It is like a music carnival that shows you the other (fun) side of life. It is conducted multiple days in May each year. It is also the only festival to spend tons on fireworks. DJs like Paul Ahi, Calvin Harris, Chris Lake, The Chainsmokers and many more are to perform in this EDM. 


The UK has a lot to offer for filling your heart and your soul with music and music alone. So comes the EDM festival of this country in the form of Creamfields. This is a major dance and music open-area festival in the town of Daresbury. It includes a total of six extraordinarily decorated stages for live performances by some of the best DJs of the country. As it is an open venue festival, you have the option to camp at the site after the show ends.


Lets not cut out Europe on the list of the most gigantic EDM festivals held worldwide because it has to offer an extraordinary celebration to the public. Held in Boom, Belgium, Tomorrowland is a one-of-a-kind festival that can change your thinking, emotions, way of life and anything you thought was normal. You will be transformed into a new and more confident person after experiencing a wild music festival as such. It conducts the most prominent festivals each year with a vast array of famous DJs and celebrities firing it up. 

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